50 Shades of Coffee – Get 50 Delicious Coffee Recipes

Coffee is one of the few fine pleasures of life and knowing how to make coffee is an art in itself. Knowing how to make great tasting coffee requires some knowledge of the right kind of coffee beans to use, the right coffee-making equipment (grinders, coffee machines), the length of time to brew your coffee etc.

In order to enable coffee lovers learn how to make heavenly cups of coffee from within the comfort of their own homes, the coffee making process has been simplified in this book with simple, stepwise instructions for making great-tasting coffee. Everything you need to know about how to brew delicious cups of coffee is carefully spelt out in this book.

This book features delicious recipes for dozens of coffee and espresso beverages with easy-to-follow directions for preparing them at home. No matter your taste, whether you like to savor your favorite coffee as a hot or cold beverage, you will surely find several recipes in this book that will blow you away.

The delicious coffee recipes in this recipe book include several classic recipes that every single coffee lover must try out.

Brewing your favorite coffee drinks will be a breeze for you after you read this book.

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Here are just a few of the coffee recipes featured in this book;

Alexander Espresso
Alpine Carnival
Arabian Coffee
Bailey’s Irish Cappuccino
Black Forest Coffee
Butter Rum Coffee
Café au Lait
Café Cappuccino
Café Con Miel
Café Royale
And so much more…

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