‘A Seasonal Collection of Recipes with Coffee’ – Books 1 to 3. Over 50 Meals, Snacks, Deserts and Drinks for Holiday and Seasonal Recipes.

‘A Seasonal Collection of Recipes with Coffee’ – Books 1 to 3.

Book 1 – ‘Unforgettable Fall Recipes with Coffee’
Book 2 – ‘Horribly Good Halloween Recipes with Coffee’
Book 3 – ‘Thanksgiving Recipes with Coffee – Thankful for Coffee’

In this unique series of recipe books, Amazon best-selling author Billy Taylor shares a selection of hand-chosen recipes that embrace the seasons and holidays of fall. With a love of cooking and coffee, Billy skillfully blends together a selection of snacks, appetizers, main courses, deserts and drinks.

Having worked with coffee for decades, Billy is not only author of several recipe books, but also the lead editor of CoffeeMakers411.com – a website dedicated to reviewing coffee makers. So he knows a thing or two about coffee, that’s for sure!

Check out just a few of his rave reviews:

“Download this book, grab the ingredients, and be prepared to be the host of the Thanksgiving dinner of the year! You cannot miss because the menus are so phenomenal! Thanksgiving has all of its own and Billy has captured them in the best way. Add another favorite of mine coffee and you have the quintessential holiday celebration! This book is a must!” – Colorado Author (Amazon Review)

“I must honestly say this is one of the most amazing recipe books I have ever read and I intend to try all the recipes. Your guests will be raving at your wonderful dishes this thanksgiving. Highly recommended. One I will be referring to again and again.” – Henry Garman (Amazon Review)

“Holy Cow, Batman!!! Hands and toes down this is THE BEST Thanksgiving cookbook I have downloaded to date! This has definitely become an author that I will be stalking to see when new cookbooks are coming out!” – N. Blackburn (Amazon Review)


Here’s just a small sample of the more than 50 recipes you’ll get your hands on:

Book 1 – ‘Unforgettable Fall’

• ‘Cold-Pressed Coffee Gelée with Cayenne Cream’
• ‘Nude Sumatran Coffee Brownies’
• ‘Coffee Cake of the Gods’
• ‘Drunken Espresso Cheesecake’
• ‘Tipsy Monk’s Coffee’
• ‘Pomegranate and Espresso Infused Vodka Martini’

Book 2 – ‘Horribly Good Halloween’

• Little Red Devil’s Toffee
• The Cursed Irish Barmbrack
• Wobbly Witch’s Coffee
• Muddy Waters Martini

Book 3 – ‘Thanksgiving Recipes – Thankful for Coffee’

• Bacon Maple Wrapped Grissini Sticks
• Spicy Cranberry Meatballs
• Pilgrim’s Pride – Coffee, Maple & Ancho Chili Glazed Turkey
• Cracker Cranberry & Sausage Stuffing
• Roasted Green Beans with Bacon, Beets and Walnuts
• Thanksgiving Reuben Bagel
• Sweet Potato Pie with Coffee Cream
• Mocha Orange & Pecan Pie

Plus in the Thanksgiving book, you’ll find tips on choosing, preparing, bring and roasting your turkey for the perfect Thanksgiving Day Feast.

Get your copy today, and start cooking with coffee!


“My favorite holiday is Halloween and I absolutely love coffee so I was thrilled to find a cookbook that combined the two. I like the “tips” that the author includes and I’m enjoying his sense of humor as he describes the recipes. Definitely a thumbs up!” – la luna inka (Amazon Review)

“I love coffee and was amazed at how coffee is included in the sumptuous recipes in this book. We’re talking coffee cream, cakes, classic tiramisu, brownies etc, not to mention the drinks! I am so glad I came across this book – there’s no other recipe book in my kitchen like it.” – Mia Montagliani (Amazon Review)

“I’ve found heaven! What an incredible, fun recipe book by an author that truly knows how to tantalize the taste buds! Oh dear, there goes my diet again – and it’s all your fault Billy Taylor!” – bevsweb (Amazon Review)

“Each of the recipes I’ve tried have been phenomenal successes. I started with the Coffee Cake of the Gods recipe…you have to make this when everyone is out of the house, because they will eat the topping before you can get it on the cake…” – Lori Snyder (Amazon Review)


For less than 5 bucks, this book sure packs a serious punch!

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  1. Barbara A. Baran "Barb Baran" 23/11/2012 at 8:17 am - Reply

    Looking Forward to Trying These… I have Billy’s first two books, Unforgettable Fall Recipes and Horribly Good Halloween Recipes. They are not only excellent recipes but fun to read. I have looked at the recipes in Thanksgiving Recipes with Coffee and read the section on brine for the turkey. If I had not already bought the ingredients for a brine, I would have used this one – sounds delicious. Next time! There are some good-looking turkey left-over recipes as well. Thank you, Billy Taylor!

  2. Brenda 23/11/2012 at 8:34 am - Reply

    Cooking with Coffee Coffee? Who would have thought there were so many delicious things you could make with coffee?! The recipes fit the season and most avid cooks/bakers will have most of the ingredients in the kitchen already. So, if you enjoy the taste of coffee (not just the caffeine part). Pick a recipe that appeals to you and jump right in. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do. Thanks to Billy Taylor for offering them for free the next few days for your Kindle.

  3. Anonymous 23/11/2012 at 9:00 am - Reply

    I would definitely recommend this compilation. Loads of recipes, and they are all unique, which is hard to do! So many cookbooks just rehash the same recipes we all have already. Not this one! The Espresso & Maple Baked Butternut Squash will be my first try (maybe tonight!), as I have several butternut squash left from our summer garden. The Leftover Turkey Croquettes seem perfect for the day after Thanksgiving. I would have liked to see some photos accompany the recipes, but I really appreciate the all of the instructions throughout, including the Recipe Tips chapter. A very fun book!

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