Breville BES860XL Barista Express Espresso Machine with Grinder

With its integrated conical burr grinder and dosing control, The Barista Express delivers the optimum path from espresso bean to thick crema in less than two minutes. Non-pressurized cafe style single-wall filters allow for experimentation of grind size, grind amoung and tamping pressure to explore the art of espresso. Pressurized dual-walled filters help beginners by delivering smooth crema every time. The integrated tamper with magnetized lock in storage allows you to tamp to your preference while attached to the machine or the counter

Product Features

  • Stainless steel conical burr grinder with ½lb bean hopper
  • 15 bar Italian pump
  • 1450W stainless steel thermocoil heating system
  • Adjustable grind size and grind amount settings
  • Preset, manual over-ride or re-programmable shot volumes

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  1. Wolfenhawke 29/10/2012 at 7:43 pm - Reply

    Exceptional! I spent my Christmas 2009 reviewing expresso machines. I had just returned from a trip to Europe and finally was going to fold and get an expresso machine. I missed the expresso from Italy and France. 1oz of crema delight.So, I liked the Breville from all the reviews but was worried about some of the negativity on the “wet puck” I had read. All the reviews mentioned excellent coffee though, so it was on my short list.Then I saw the Breville BES860XL, also known as the Barista Express Programmable Expresso. From the looks you can tell this unit has exchanged the hot water dispenser for a bean grinder. This unit is a fully automatic expresso machine with the super automatic feature of grinding a pre-measure of beans for your brew. Note, it is not a super automatic machine as you still need to manually mount the portafilter into the group head, and clean the filter afterwards. This is as automatic as you will want to go if you want to really control your coffee.But, let me walk you through the pleasure:1. the box. this has excellent graphics — even as you open, the getting started guide and pictures guide you along. The unit removes easily.2. The tamper is magnetically held in place on the front of the machine — you can use it in place or remove for manual tamping.3. New: -there is a dry puck feature now for all the fussy reviews — this removes excess water so you get, a dry puck – an excellent burr grinder — you can dismantle this for cleaning, and it has a wide range of control – for those that previously complained about the “cheat” dual wall filters — the unit comes with single and double dual wall AND single wall filters – there is a hideaway storage tray to hold all the small goodies4. Steaming — excellent steam temperature and pressure — works very well with the provided frothing jug, very minimal excess water to start5. The real test. I am using the dual wall filters, and the Illy whole expresso beans I got from Italy were made into pure heavenly expresso. Nice crema. This is the real thing.This is one finely engineered machine. From a mechanically inclined electrical engineer to the folks at Breville: you have created an exceptionally functional piece that does the job. Did I mention it is beautiful on the counter as well? I have it on an island, no bad sides.Drawbacks: none. BUT, when making a real expresso shot, make sure you pre-warm your demitasse. Otherwise the expresso will heat up your cup and your coffee will not be hot. I run a water cycle first into my cup to heat up the group head and the cup.In my opinion this is the best buy in the market under $1500. At the office, daily I use a super automatic machine that is at that top end.

  2. W. Straus 29/10/2012 at 7:57 pm - Reply

    Takes some practice… I agree with most of the reviews below – but wanted to add a few words about my experience with this machine:I made a cursory read-through of the manual and having never owned a machine like this, but certainly having purchased a lot of coffee shop espressos across the globe, I thought I could jump right in and make some great drinks. Well, in part true, but I hit a point where I almost returned it. I started off with the double-wall filter and it made a very decent shot. Then I figured I try out the single wall filter. 2 weeks later and after joining the ranks of Corn-holio, I hit the jackpot.During the first 2 weeks, I went from a moderate grind and a middle grind amount to the finest setting and about 2/3 away around the grind amount dial. I even far exceeded the recommended tamping pressure. The result was always an under extracted and bitter shot. Most of the time the puck was wet on top and a bit messy to clean up. Each time I pressed the double-shot button, the pressure wouldn’t even rise into the darker colored scale. No matter how fine the grind, or how hard I tamped the coffee the result was the same. I thought maybe it was the bean I chose or just a lousy grinder. Nope.The day before yesterday I decided to read through the manual very carefully and try doing what they say step by step, not just what the cartoon correction diagram showed. I pre-heated the cup by running hot water through the filter and portafilter, thereby warming it. Then I immediately dried the portafilter/single-wall filter and filled it with freshly ground coffee. I added some coffee, pressed it down lightly into the filter with my fingers and added more. Then I tamped it with about 20 pounds of pressure. When finished, the tamper’s stainless rim near the bottom was not completely recessed in the portafilter, leaving it filled to within 1/8″. After cleaning the rim thoroughly I simply attached the group head and pressed the pre-programmed double shot. Killer espresso – like ones I’ve had in the finest Italian shops. Cleanup was a dream because the puck was nearly dry – it just popped out. Wow. Cleaning between shots is important – reheating is as well. If you follow these (Breville’s) directions you will be more than pleased with this machine. I now feel like I got my $600 worth.I changed a few things all at once, so I can’t necessarily put my finger on exactly what changed the output. Pre-heating and filling the single-wall filter to an after-tamped level near the top seems to be the key. I love this machine now. As with the other reviews, I think the “clean me” light comes on with just a pre-set number of cycles since I too use filtered water and clean incessantly. The machine is heavy, solid and well laid out. Watch out while filling the reservoir so as not to get even a few drops close to the hopper – jamming problems and a difficult clean. I don’t like leaving the tamper in the magnetic mount to tamp my coffee, but it’s a great place to store it. The wand for frothing is fantastic, but I normally prefer straight espresso. My lovely wife prefers cappuccino and we’re now working on some good cup art, no longer worrying about trying to nail the perfect shot. I do recommend this machine, but I highly recommend reading the directions word for word, front to back in the manual and adhering to their advice. Breville designed it and they know how to get the best results. With practice, you too will snub your nose at Starbucks from now on.Best of luck.

  3. Avid Reviewer "A Music Fan" 29/10/2012 at 8:09 pm - Reply

    An Espresso Machine For The “Beginner” or The “Aspiring Barista” The Barista Express is Breville’s newest (and most expensive) offering in its line of espresso machines (which includes the and the ). It is a semi-professional machine designated for the “aspiring barista” and the “beginner.”The major selling points of the Barista Express are:(1) patented dual-wall filters to help novices make a respectable cup of espresso without a lot of fuss. Breville has also included regular (single-walled) filters to allow a user the freedom to craft a cup of espresso like a professional barista would.(2) the integrated burr grinderA burr grinder (as opposed to a blade grinder) is ideally suited for grinding coffee beans because they generate less frictional heat than a conventional blade grinder. (Excessive heat degrades the quality of coffee beans. See )(3) coffeehouse-quality espresso right in your own home in under 2 minutes flat.My experience with Breville Barista Express has been mostly positive. I’m especially impressed by how easy it is to make a delicious-tasting cup of espresso! Here’s a detailed assessment:- Single-Wall and Dual-Wall FiltersBreville has included 2 types of filter: (1) the single-wall filter and (2) the double-wall filter. Each type of filter comes in 2 sizes (single-shot and double-shot) — for a total of 4 filters.> Single-Wall Filter (Non-Pressurized Filter)With the single-wall filter, getting the tamp pressure and grind size just right are of paramount importance for making a good cup of espresso. Under-extraction results in a watered-down espresso with little creama (foam head). The espresso will also taste a little sour. Over-extraction, on the other hand, makes the espresso overly bitter. I’ll tell you, I have ruined many a cup of coffee because of under-extraction or over-extraction. Getting it right will take a lot of patience, practice, and experimentation.> Dual-Wall Filter (Pressurized Filter)I really appreciate the dual-wall filters Breville has included in the package for a beginner who is unsure of the “right” ground size or tamp pressure to use. The dual-wall filter helps to give a beginner a leg up on making a good cup of espresso without having to worry too much about the intricacies involving coffee ground size and tamp pressure.A commonly reported problem that’s noteworthy is that the single hole on the lower wall sometimes gets clogged up (although I haven’t encountered the problem thus far). Breville advises the use of a pin to unclog the filter.- Coffee TemperatureThe ideal temperature of the water for extraction is between 195 F to 202 F. However, the water temperature reaches only roughly 185 F on my machine. There are no adjustments that allow you to increase/decrease the temperature of the water.- Bean Hopper & Conical Burr GrinderThe bean hopper coffee that feeds the burr grinder has a supposed 8oz capacity. In practice, I find that it will only hold about 6 oz (it takes about half of a 12-oz bag of Peets coffee). A real plus to the hopper is the edges of its lid are lined with rubber to ensure a tight-fitting and airtight seal, so the coffee beans won’t degrade as a result of oxidation.The grind size of the burr grinder is adjustable, from very fine (for espresso and Turkish coffee) to coarse (recommended for espresso extraction with a dual-wall filter). The grinder delivers very evenly ground coffee (no lumps).The only complaint I have about the hopper is as it empties out, the coffee beans in it occasionally need a little help to make them fall into the chute leading to the burr grinder. This happens more often with “oily” coffee beans.- Magnetic TamperThe magnetic tamper allows you to either (i) tamp on the counter (like a professional barista does) or (ii) do your tamping “on board” (with the tamper magnetically affixed to the machine). I really like that you’re able to store the tamper on board when it’s not in use, so it’s within easy reach and it won’t get lost.- ProgrammableI like how easy it is to program the amount of espresso dispensed into both the Single Shot and Double Shot buttons. For example, to program the Double Shot button, all you do is press the Program button, press Double Shot button, and press Double Shot button again to stop the extraction once you get the desired amount of espresso. Thereon, the Double Shot button will dispense the preprogrammed amount of espresso every time you push it.- Steam WandThe steam wand produces…

  4. Malov 18/05/2017 at 12:47 pm - Reply

    How can I buy in Vietnam?

    • Vietnamese Coffee Plus Some 13/06/2017 at 8:38 am - Reply

      If you go to Vietnam you can find coffee everywhere.

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