Brooklyn Beans Variety Pack K-Cups, 40-Count

  1. C. Lanctot 22/12/2012 at 12:23 pm - Reply

    Disappointed I was pleased to win a sampler box of Brooklyn Bean Roastery’s eight most popular varieties (2 of each) in a contest promotion, and I can’t say enough wonderful things about this ambitious new company’s offerings. The quality of the coffee is top notch, and the blend variety is mesmerizing. It’s SO good, in fact, that it’s really hard to pick favorites, which is why I think that the most brilliant thing Brooklyn Bean did, is offer a VARIETY PACK! After all, not every one wants the same exact coffee, cup after cup. Variety is what makes life interesting, does it not?Brooklyn Bridge Blend was the first one I tried, and my personal favorite. It’s a delightful medium roast that delights any time of day or evening, with just the right balance of body and flavor. If I had to choose one coffee to drink for the rest of my life, THIS would be the one.Breakfast Blend paled in comparison, being a light roasted coffee, but was not a standout for me. My wife thought it was stellar, and she usually prefers dark, strong roasts.Their Colombian is by far the BEST Colombian I have ever had, very complex in taste with sweet and nutty undertones. Start your day with this, and you’ll have a happy day.French Roast is usually not high on my list, but Brooklyn’s is astounding! It doesn’t display the bitterness that I usually find with other French Roasts, and makes an excellent dark roast after dinner coffee.Boardwalk Blend is a medium roast, extra bold, that is best made in a larger size cup, 10 or 12 oz, and is also excellent over ice! It won’t knock you out, because it’s not overwhelming in any one character, but it’s a pleasant, drinkable blend.Corner Donut Shop is unique, in that it’s not like any other company’s “donut shop” blends for the Keurig type machines. The flavor is a bit more subtle, and compliments pastries, pies, donuts (of course) any time of day. This is a relaxing coffee, not one to shake you up, which is a good thing sometimes. Think of it as the “comfort food” of coffees. Medium roast, extra bold, make this in a larger size cup, also.Cyclone, named for the iconic Coney Island rollercoaster, is a kick in the pants coffee. Strong, bold, daring and a thrill-ride of complex, intense flavors, circling your palette, with each sip being a new thrill ride. Yes, you’ll want to ride again! My wife has called this the “Guinness of coffees”, with chocolaty undertones and full-bodied texture. Definitely make this in a larger cup, being both a dark roast and an extra bold cup.A Brooklyn uniqueness, Fuhgeddaboudit, is another dark roast extra bold blend that leaves no doubt in your mind that you’re drinking a cup of COFFEE! This will wake you up out of a coma, folks! Only in New York could they possibly come up with something this brash, cosmopolitan and interesting.In short, we’re so fond of Brooklyn Bean coffees, all of them so far, that it really is a tough choice to shop for a single box of any one blend. This is why you should really try the variety packs! Keep up the great work, Brooklyn, I predict that this will soon be the #1 K-cup coffee on the planet!

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  4. Anonymous 22/12/2012 at 1:17 pm - Reply

    If you want coffee grounds floating in every cup of coffee, and K-cups that explode open in your Keurig, then this product is for you. I have used about a dozen of these K-cups so far, and about half have come open inside my Keurig, with the top foil seal coming off and the water and grounds going everywhere. The other half stayed sealed, but I still get a lot of coffee grounds floating in my coffee.The inner constuction and filter must be defective as well. The manufacture of these K-cups is somehow inferior to Green Mountain and others. The taste of the coffee is irrelevant when the K-cups don’t work. I have used many other different K-cups, Tully’s, Donut Shop, Emeril’s, Starbucks, Green Mountain,Timothy’s, Caribou, etc. and never had any problems. I should have heeded the other reviews that stated the same problems, and not believed the company’s claim that these problems were resolved. I now have a partial box of unusable K-cups.

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  7. Anonymous 22/12/2012 at 1:45 pm - Reply

    I received my order of 40 of the Brooklyn Beans Brooklyn Bridge K-cups yesterday, and we first tried them this morning. I don’t care for the flavor, and I’m not sure what to compare it to except it has a bit of a “cardboard” taste, I think. It certainly does not care to Green Mountain’s Nantucket, in my estimation. In addition, two of the 4 k-cups we used today did not give a steady stream of coffee, but squirted out in an erratic manner. I am disappointed.

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