Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 4.0 4 GB 16:9 Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen Widescreen Internet Tablet with Built-In Camera, Black MID7042-4

7″ ANDROID OS 4.0 Capacitive Multi-Touchscreen tablet 16:9, Access popular games and apps from the GetJar marketplace, All-in-1 device to browse the web, watch YouTube videos, check Email and much more, Plays popular internet video, music, and photo formats, E-Reader with access to thousands of books, 4GB Internal memory plus microSDHC memory card slot to store your music, photos, and videos, 1GB RAM for seamless multi-tasking, Wireless internet with Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g/n), Hours of use with rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, Screen resolution 800×480(WVGA).

Product Features

  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
  • DC 5V Adapter
  • 7-inch screen
  • 802_11_BGN wireless
  • 4 GB internal,1GB Memory

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  1. Robert R. Walker 01/10/2012 at 1:18 am - Reply

    Great for the Price Just received the Coby Kyros MID 9742. For the money this is one fine tablet. I had Xoom Motorola tablet which was unfortunately lost on my travels. Using the Xoom as the standard, for the money the Kyros is a close and impressive second. A lot of the complaints that I have read are from people who are not exploring the tablet. Indeed it does not have Google play but the Amazon app store and other secondary app stores are easily accessible. The problem about havng to go through a computer to move apps from internal storage to the sd card is very solvable. There is a free app on Amazon app store called “App2SD” I downloaded it; you can move apps seamlessly from the internal to external memory in the blink of an eye. I reccommend the Coby Kyros to anyone on a budget or more improtantly to those who want something that works well without the newest bells and whistles that will be antiquated in less than three months. The truth is as technology progresses 80% of most products–computers, tablets, tv’s, and so forth will converge upon a very acceptable and fairly reliable mean. To go much beyond the mean will cost too much for too little benefit except to say “I spent money on the latest and greatest” and of course to pay too little will get you a piece of junk. The Kyros difenitely is at the top of that 80%.

  2. L. Kimbrell 01/10/2012 at 1:47 am - Reply

    Great Product – Some Tinkering. I love this device, now that I have everything working the way I need it. Looks great, love the size, and it is quick.I had 2 cons which I have reversed with work-arounds.1) No Google Play – Use amazon app store instead2) Skype did not work with the latest verson – use version skype_v2.5.4.162.apk Works fineCurrently the working version of Flash is com.adobe.flashplayer_111115007.apkAll of these apps can be installed without Google Play. Just google the versions I have listed here and you can find them.I was able to find everything else I wanted on Amazon App Store. Netflix runs fine. Device has not crashed once.I also use it for Wireless Site planning and RF interference detection which the small size works great for. I was previously using my phone but the battery would run down in an hour. I can use this for hours with constant use and it still has life left.This is a great device for the price. Don’t think you are going to pay $150 and get the craftsmanship you will with an Apple product. However I have an IPAD 1 and this device is just as quick. It only lacks the scratch resistant glass and metal case.I currently have a screen protector and a leather case with builtin keyboard. Abosultely would recommend this to someone look for a budget friendly tablet.

  3. KevinW42 01/10/2012 at 2:01 am - Reply

    Great Tablet with ICS 4.0.3 and Awesome LOW Price! ALERT: GOOGLE HAS INTRODUCED THE NEXUS 7 TABLET WITH TEGRA 3 PROCESSOR FOR GREAT GAMES, ITS $199 FOR 8GB, $249 FOR 16GBIF YOU ARE CONSIDERING A TABLET AT THE SAME PRICE AS THE COBY I WOULD RECOMMEND YOU GET THE NEXUS 7, IT HAS A TEGRA 3 ANDTHE PRICE IS TOO WONDERFUL TO PASS UP. COBY HAS TO LOWER THE PRICES ON THESE TABLETS IF THEY EXPECT TO KEEP SELLING THEM.THE COBY 10″ MODEL MID1042-8 IS AVAILABLE FOR PRE ORDER FOR 199.98, I’M NOT SURE IF THE PHOTO HERE IS ACCURATE ITSHOULD LOOK LIKE THE 9742-8 MODEL BUT A LARGER SCREEN, THIS IS A GREAT PRICE FOR A 10 INCH TABLETCoby has done there homework. They have been around since 1990 and are not a fly by night corporation. This tablet is very responsive,no lags whatsoever. Aside from not including the Android Marketplace (now known as Google Play) you can download Amazon App Storeapplication from using the browser which came on your tablet. It has all the hot apps you would need. The GetJar simplyshows you FREE apps, they change every week so it’s a good place for free apps, but not all of them are something you’d want.Check out 1Mobile for other android applications as well as hundreds of Android related sites searching your favorite web search page.WARNING: OLDER COBY MODEL “ROOT INSTRUCTIONS” MAY NOT WORK FOR THIS NEWER GENERATION OF COBY TABLETS, PLEASE DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORETRYING THEM. COBY DOES NOT MIND IF YOU ROOT THE TABLET TO GET ANDROID MARKETPLACE (Google Play), I WOULD PROCEED WITH CAUTION.Firefox 14 for Android includes Flash support, as well as tap-to-play for plug-ins. However according to Mozillas site they have onlytested the software on some tablets, and don’t have Coby’s newest models listed. Right now you are limited to using the built in browserand youtube player for youtube videos. You can however play flash videos after installing the Adobe Flash 11 apk, with VLC Player andother Flash Video capable players. FLV Player lets you play flash videos without Adobe Flash installed as it claims. Playing flash videofrom your microSD card is not a problem. Until Mozilla works harder on tablet versions of Firefox and Aurora, the browser which comes withthe Coby plays youtube videos just fine in the a web browser window.You may have issues finding Adobe Flash, but searching with your browser on your Coby tablet. In the search feature enterAdobe Flash at the top of the webpage. In the results page the top should show the Adobe Flash red icon with F in the middle. Clickon this icon. It will take you to the next page, where you need to click on “Download APK” with a little green Android symbol. Afterdownload, tell the tablet to Install the Application.After that your all set, I would recommend downloading this first, after its installed, turn off the tablet and back on again. So farplayed Angry Birds, a blast on a larger screen. No issues unlike my Samsung Galaxy S phone, this thing hasnt crashed yet, worksflawlessly, has a beautiful vibrant screen and way better then a Kindle Fire! You can get a Kindle Reader app from Amazon for free andit works!You can also download an app called FLV Player from Amazon App store, its free and will play flash video files without needing AdobeFlash to do so, its also good for playing FLV files from external microSD card’s you insert in the tablet.The weight of this tablet doesn’t hurt your hands using it for long periods. The sound is really good, two speakers are on the left backside but easy to hear, even when its placed on a flat surface, though I always hold it in my 2 hands. Would recommend a few apps likePaperPort Anywhere, you also need the PC version, allows your tablet to print out webpages and documents to your wireless printer.Syncables 360 Home Network v.7 for the tablet and PC, lets you sync your Movie/Photos/Documents/Music folders on your PC so you canaccess files from the computer. A reference app would be The Complete Android Guide eBook, for learning more about Android.Using this tablet has been great, 4 month’s so far but everything is flawless, screen is awesome, easy to look at. If you get a browserpage which doesn’t respond for whatever reason, or a game, press the power button down a second and it will ask if you want to closethe browser page, or the game you are playing. I just choose WAIT and it usually starts again from where it left off.Playing games like Random Mahjong Pro is awesome, it looks so good on here. Crossword puzzle lovers will enjoy Super Word Search! GetDocuments To Go 3.0 to read all those documents. The back camera works really well, front camera is good if your in good lighting andnot to shady. Movies also look great on here, it’s a small screen…

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