Coby Kyros 7-Inch Android 4.0 4 GB 16:9 Resistive Touchscreen Internet Tablet, Black MID7033-4

7″ ANDROID OS 4.0 Resistive Touchscreen tablet 16:9, Access popular games and apps from the GetJar marketplace, All-in-1 device to browse the web, watch YouTube videos, check Email and much more, Plays popular internet video, music, and photo formats, E-Reader with access to thousands of books, 4GB Internal memory plus microSDHC memory card slot to store your music, photos, and videos, 512MB RAM for seamless multi-tasking, Wireless internet with Wi-Fi (802.11 b/g), Hours of use with rechargeable lithium-polymer battery, Screen resolution 800×480(WVGA).

Product Features

  • Fujitsu A110 Processor 1GHz
  • 4GB Hard Drive
  • 7-Inch Screen
  • Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich

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  1. M. McMeans 30/09/2012 at 1:35 am - Reply

    Great at what it does. I work nights in a home health environment, so I have some free time while my clients sleep. I decided to get a tablet so I could access Facebook, Angry Birds, and Netflix, along with some other apps to help pass the slower hours. I am not trying to remote dock a space capsule to the space station, so I didn’t need all of the bells and whistles from a $1,000 tablet. This tablet does everything I need. I can access the internet, play the games I want, and watch movies. I downloaded the Amazon Appstore which has more apps than Google Play, and it was so easy…it is hard to understand some of the reviews. They might have just not been aware of how to do it, which is fine…not everyone can do it.My five stars is not a comparison to other, far more expensive tablets…that’s not a review, it is a comparison. I am reviewing the tablet based on it performing the way it is supposed to for what it is. I can watch movies on Netflix with no lag. I can play Angry Birds and Bejeweled. I can surf the internet, and use Facebook and Twitter. The only feature that some resistive screen tablets have that this one doesn’t is pinch to zoom. Some R screens have two touch sensitivity, but this one doesn’t. I won’t lower the score because almost every app allows for a zoom in/out button, so it isn’t an inconvenience. This is a fun tablet and in a time where many people need to be more conscientious about what they are throwing money at, this is a great option.

  2. J. F. O'Neill 30/09/2012 at 1:52 am - Reply

    Highly Useful: But Know What It Is I have been in search of a good useful portable “computer” for a while. You may see my reviews on various tablets on Amazon. This is next on my search for that device. I have at home a computer I built and a system which is very well suited for my needs, and I have been seeking a useful portable device. I have owned and used laptops, netbooks, tablet converting laptops, touch screen netbooks, tablets (iPad, Acer Iconia, etc), smaller tablets (Kindle Fire, Nook Color, many Coby Kyros models, etc), and have found those devices unused in practice because of the constant presence of my smartphone (which is with me on the go) and my home computer (which is used at home), leaving the portable devices left unused.The quick facts which would be useful to know now: if you want to play games, then this device is not suitable. The touch screen requires pressure to work (but it will work with anything), which makes it hard to use the multitouch and precise movements required by most games. There is another model with a Capacitive Touchscreen which would be a better bet. If you need Google Play, and are not willing to root a tablet, then this device is not suitable. It does not come with the non-free Android applications commonly found on Android devices like the “Gmail”, “Youtube”, and “Drive” apps, although you can use Gmail, watch Youtube, and use Google Drive just fine through the Android Browser which integrates very well with those services.What this device is good for by itself hardware out of the box:* Reading. The Kindle App and other ereader software available make this a very good device for reading on a backlit display. It is small and light and very easy to use.* Web browsing. The Android Browser is very good and even works very well with internet services like Youtube, Google Drive (Docs), email services, and other uses which one may have used in an app otherwise.* Other applications not requiring swiping, pinching, or fine controls. Video, Audio, and other passive tasks may be perfect for this. Typing and moving things by sliding is possible, but the pressure required can make it slower and possibly harder for more than basic use.* It comes with the hardware to attach USB devices to it, and USB keyboards and mice (even wireless) work very well with it (couple this with the Browser, you have a very flexible device).There are cheap devices which do not work well at all out there. This is not one of those devices, but many people buy the Kyros it seems without paying attention to what it is and then go make low rated reviews about it not meeting technical requirements which it clearly does not have. Capacitive touchscreens have limitations too (they only work with certain types of materials), but nobody goes around complaining about that because most people are used to such screens. This has a resistive touchscreen.The Coby Kyros models which I have been using and trying since they came out (often to sell or give them away after not getting enough use out of them) have changed a lot. They are still very lowly priced, and still very useful, but they also have the same caveats, namely, know what one is getting and judge your intended use against what the device actually is. It is common for the Coby Kyros devices to have 2 and 3 star rating averages because of people buying them without paying attention to the realities of the technology. Namely, if a device has a Resistive touchscreen, it will be different from a capacitive, and if the device does not come with the Google Play or Market (Play now, but Market then) app store, that is not Coby’s fault as those are not “free” in the same sense as the rest of the software.What makes this device better than the previous models? It is the same low price, but has superior software and specifications in some areas. It has more hardware features than iProducts, such as the MicroUSB port and hardware volume controls, and is relatively open: one can install third party apps with no problems (in fact, mine came with that enabled out of the box). The first thing I installed was the Amazon Appstore.The main concern of mine is using a keyboard with the device, and with the new Google Drive, the features of Android 4.0, and the features of the Kyros itself, it is now possibly the first time a non-phone portable device will be very useful to me. It comes with a MicroUSB to USB female connector so one can attach USB devices to the Kyros. A computer keyboard and a wireless optical mouse worked perfectly when connected (no settings needed to be changed). Android 4.0 is very well suited for using a mouse which surprised me. Typing in Google Docs in the browser was seamless and perfect as well. This changes the Kyros into a very flexible device. It can be used with a keyboard and other USB devices, and it can be used alone. It is light, has a longer charge than laptops, and is…

  3. hkfilmfan 30/09/2012 at 3:15 am - Reply

    OK for price but no access to Google Play apps Let me preface this review by saying I have an Ipad and was not expecting an Ipad when I bought this. I wanted an inexpensive Android tablet to play with so this seemed to fit the bill and was an Amazon Prime item, so I went ahead with the purchase. When I received the tablet I opened it right away and started playing with it and found the interface fairly easy to navigate (after I figured out what pressure was needed to use on the screen). It is a resistive screen rather than the Ipad’s capacitive so one needs to press down harder on the screen than with the Ipad. I found that a stylus works better on this kind of screen.The 7 inch screen has its pros and cons – 7 inches is a little small to read on some websites and the gestures you need to use to zoom in are hard to master and don’t work on some sites. It is small enough to drop in a bag and take with you. At $90.00 or so I am more comfortable taking that along everyday than the $500 Ipad.For me the deal breaker was that you cannot access the Google Play (formerly Android Market) store. There is a GetJar app pre-installed on the device that gives you access to some of the apps in the Google Play store but unfortunately the ones that I was interested in were not included in GetJar. If you are interested in certain apps check the GetJar website first to see if they are offered on GetJar before you order this tablet. I ended up returning the tablet a few hours after I opened it. Amazon refunded my credit card quickly but I would have liked it if I had a choice for shipping the tablet back without them deducting $9.08 from my refund for shipping. They only offered a pre-paid label option and since I ship for my home based business I could have found more economical shipping options than this.Since I was interested mostly in the specific Android apps I ended up buying an Android phone for $100.00 and will not be activating it, in essence creating a kind of Android “Ipod Touch”.Bottom line – if you want an entry level tablet that is not too expensive and you don’t care that you can’t access the Google Play marketplace this would be a good option.

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