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Tim Hortons is well known for its legendary coffee. The secret to our great coffee comes from using our own special blend of 100% Arabica beans. Enjoy the taste in your very own kitchen with Tim Hortons Take Home Coffee in a convenient 32.8 oz can – perfect for use in your coffee maker or filter drip coffee maker.

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  1. Original Larkin 01/11/2012 at 9:26 pm - Reply

    Exactly as expected I really like drinking this coffee at home, especially since there are no Tim Hortons stores nearby. If you haven’t had it, the coffee has a very smooth taste and is probably a medium roast. The large canisters are about the size of 3 bags () so I find the canister more convenient if you brew this really frequently (and I think it is also slightly cheaper per oz). The canisters arrived quickly and in perfect condition, with no dents or anything. I am extremely happy to be able to find Timmys coffee here on Amazon for a reasonable price!

  2. Patrick Daly 01/11/2012 at 9:42 pm - Reply

    Best.Coffee.Ever. I was going to let the subject line be “‘Nuff said”, but Amazon says this review must be at least 20 words long. :-)My wife is from Winnipeg, Manitoba, so I was introduced to Timmy’s there. We’re so glad we can get this on Amazon in addition to bringing it back from Winnipeg (and my mother-in-law bringing it when she comes!)! Not only is this the best tasting coffee I’ve ever had, but at the actual Timmy’s donut shops, you will NEVER get an old cup o’ Joe! Notice on the can within the oval logo it says “Always Fresh”. This is because in their stores, they write the time of day on the pot when the coffee is made. Once 20 minutes has gone by, if the coffee hasn’t all been served, it gets poured out. Mind you, they probably don’t pour out much because their stores are ALWAYS busy it seems, especially in winter as you can imagine, but even in the summer they’re busy! My wife once said “Canadians are serious about their coffee!” I replied “Well, as cold as it gets there they SHOULD be!”Order this coffee and you won’t be sorry!!!Of course, now I see that the main page for this coffee tin says that it’s out of stock and they don’t know if they’ll be getting it again. :-(I guess I should have posted a review entitled “Worst.Coffee.Ever” so you guys wouldn’t buy it up. :-)I supposed it’s back to the mother-in-law plan!!!

  3. C. H. SPENCE "The NASA Wildman" 01/11/2012 at 10:03 pm - Reply

    Best Bang for Your Buck. Let’s me first start by saying, unlike big plastic cans that most coffee now come in, this one comes in an old fashioned tin can. The tin can guarantees fresh from the coffee roaster flavor. Second the coffee is extra fine grind, so in filter-less coffee makers you will need to use a separate paper coffee filter also to insure no small coffee grounds seep through the mesh filter. Third the flavor from the extra fine grind is just phenomenal. Fourth, the speed in witch the product arrives is amazing. last but not least is that if you have any doubts about purchasing this coffee then you need to know that this is not a Flavored coffee. It is a Breakfast Blend coffee & pairs well with pastry’s & breakfast food items, after all that was Tim Horton’s goal.

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