Coffee-Mate Creamy Chocolate Powdered Coffee Creamer, 15-Ounce Packages (Pack of 6)

“About our Brand” COFFEE-MATE was the first to transform an ordinary cup of coffee into a creamy treat and remains the leading innovator in the non-dairy creamer category. In 1961, COFFEE-MATE was introduced as the world’s first non-dairy powdered creamer. COFFEE-MATE soon established its position as America’s most popular non-dairy creamer. This favored status was strengthened with the introduction in 1989 of NESTLE COFFEE-MATE liquid, which quickly became the number one non-dairy liquid creamer on the market, a position it still holds today. NESTLE COFFEE-MATE sets the pace for the entire coffee creamer industry through its regular introduction of new and exciting flavors that keep consumers interested in turning “kitchen coffee” into “cafE coffee.” Over the past couple of decades, COFFEE-MATE has transformed how consumers enjoy their coffee through the introduction of dozens of new flavors, Special Edition and Seasonal flavors and reduced fat, fat free and sugar free varieties in both powder and liquid.

Product Features

  • Coffee’s perfect mate
  • Rich, powdered coffee creamer made with real cocoa
  • Dairy-free and lactose-free, with no cholesterol
  • Each container yields about 35 servings of 4 teaspoons each
  • Create a perfect cup of coffee with warm, rich, real chocolate flavor

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  1. C. R. Vandenheuvel 07/12/2012 at 11:40 pm - Reply

    A revolution Wow … this stuff is life-changing.I normally like my coffee black, but this stuff has transformed my coffeeing habits. I pour tons of it in the bottom of a mug (about as much as can possibly dissolve in the coffee), pour the coffee on top aggressively (to reduce the need for mixing), and enjoy. It probably can no longer be called coffee at that point. I think it tastes like one of those expensive fancy pants “italian beverages” that people richer than me buy every morning. But I don’t really know because I am not affluent.And if you buy 6-packs of CoffeeMate on the Internet, you probably aren’t either.Enjoy life. Drink chocolate-enhanced coffee-like beverage. Made possible by CoffeeMate.

  2. J.R. 07/12/2012 at 11:54 pm - Reply

    So good, they can’t keep it in stock. My wife absolutely loves this stuff! And when I say they can’t keep it in stock, there’s been several times I’ve had to wait for a shipment. I believe it’s starting to become a commodity as it’s been removed from the subscription offer. We were getting a shipment a month plus an extra shipment in between… that was great. Now it’s been removed, discount is gone plus they want shipping now. So, what WAS a great price has suddenly become very expensive. Now it’s much cheaper at the grocer… thanks, Amazon.

  3. Sandi "Shopaholic" 08/12/2012 at 12:10 am - Reply

    YUM!! Now you can have coffee and chocolate – what’s better than that. It is REALLY good too. (If you find the gingerbread flavor try it as well).UPDATE: Try the Creme Brulee – OMG!!!

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