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Who would say no to a hot cup of coffee on a cold evening or to a fresh iced coffee during the summer months? I doubt any one will and if you spice them up using these easy varieties of recipes your guests will be amazed and might even end up asking you to share the recipe secret.

If not for an evening party, you can always just surprise your family members with these yummy Coffee recipes. I wasn’t born knowing how to make these, I just learned like every one else and now I want to share this with you.

Now you can brew your own homemade Espressos, Cappuccinos, Lattes, mochas and coffees with this wonderful collection of 90 quick, easy and creative coffee recipes.

So just have a read through them, choose the ones you like for your next evening party and surprise your guests with dozen of different varieties of coffees!

This is the list of recipes you will find into the book:

Alexander Espresso – Canadian Coffee – Alpine Carnival – Amaretto Coffee – Amaretto Coffee / Variation – Arabian Coffee – Black Forest Coffee – Buttered Rum Coffee – Cafe Au Lait ( Coffee with Milk ) – Louisiana Cafe Au Lait – Cafe Au Lait Luzianne – Cafe Au Cin – Cafe Cappuccino – Cafe Cappuccino Mix – Cafe Con Miel – Cafe De Ola – Cafe’ Mexicano – Cafe AlVanCocoa – Cafe Royale – Cafe Vienna Lookalike – Caffe Di Cioccolata – Cajun Coffee – Cappuccino Orange – Creamy Cappuccino – Cappuccino Royale – Cappuccino Shake – Cardamom-spiced Coffee – Chocolate Almond Coffee – Chocolate Coffee – Chocolate Mint Coffee – Chocolate Mint Coffee Float – Coconut Coffee – Coffee Ice – Coffee Soda – Creamy Iced Coffee – Creamy Irish Coffee – Creamy Irish Coffee 2 – Danish Coffee – Delicious Coffee Milk Shake – Di Saronno Coffee – Dinner Party Coffee – Dublin Dream – Espresso Romano – Fireside Coffee Mix – Flavored Coffee Creamer – Flavored Coffees – Flavored Coffees (mocha) – Frozen Cappuccino – Gaelic Coffee – German Coffee With Whipped Cream – Godiva Irish Coffee – Homemade Coffee Liqueur – Hot Baja Coffee – Easy Iced Cafe Au Lait – Iced Cinnamon Coffee – Original Iced Coffee – Iced Mocha Cappuccino – Iced Mochacchino – Instant Coffee-swiss Style Mocha Mix – International Cappuccino Coffee Mix – Bailey’s Irish Cappuccino – Old Fashioned Irish Coffee – Bushmills Irish Coffee – Instant Creamed Irish Coffee – Quick Irish Coffee – Kahlua Irish Coffee – Irish Coffee Milkshake – Another Irish Coffee – Maraschino Coffee – Italian Coffee With Chocolate – Italian Mocha Espresso – Kahlua Coffee – Kahlua Kioki Coffee – Loco Cocoa Mocha – Maple Coffee – Mexican Spiced Coffee – Mocha Coffee – Mocha Coffee Mix – Mocha Flavoured Coffee – Mocha Frappe – Nightcap Coffee Mix – Orange Cinnamon Coffee – Pluto Coffee – Praline Coffee – Turkish Coffee – Vanilla Almond Coffee – Viennese Coffee – Viennese Coffee Mix – Cinnamon Spiced Coffee – West Indies Coffee.

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