Coffee’s Little Secrets: Delicious Coffee Recipes

When entertaining guests, family and friends, you walk into the kitchen and come back with unbelievably delicious coffee. When they ask how you did it, you can smile and take a sip. Have the luxury of enjoying the best coffee without going to the coffee shop: make it in your own home. These amazing coffee recipes will pleasure your taste buds and earn you the reputation of making the best coffee in the family, the neighborhood, and even your city. Who knows? Maybe you’ll start your own coffee shop to keep up with the growing demand. Learn to make delicious coffee using anything from cinnamon, vanilla, orange juice or bananas. Make your own cream and dazzle your friends and family as you turn plain coffee into a delicious work of art

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  1. saradippity 16/09/2012 at 2:50 pm - Reply

    Rip OFF! I bought the eBook version, it’s seven dollars for THIRTEEN pages! Also, as a die hard coffee lover, when I could not get the sample for this book to download correctly (I got the Nook version but figured I’d warn people here as well), I went ahead and purchased it, thinking I would like anything that had coffee recipes in it. However, since most of the recipes are based on instant coffee powder, I would call it more of a glorified mildly caffeinated cocoa book. Someone needs to teach this author what real coffee is like, and if he doesn’t like real coffee, then he shouldn’t be writing a book about it.

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