DeLonghi EC5 Steam-Driven 4-Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Maker, Black

Enjoy delicious espresso made your way with De’Longhi’s steam espresso and cappuccino maker. Simply add ground coffee to the filter and you’ll have authentic Italian espresso in minutes. Make espresso for you and a friend with the convenient two cup adapter. It allows you to brew two espressos simultaneously. You can even enjoy cappuccino or latte with the easy-to-use swivel jet frother, for perfect drinks every time. Just add skim milk to a container and hold under the frothing nozzle, and it does the rest. No worries about safety with the patented steam pressurized cap and heat resistant glass carafe. Other highlights include a large removable drip tray for easy cleaning and on/off switch with indicator light.

Product Features

  • Make two espressos simultaneously with the convenient 2-cup adapter.
  • Safe operation with patented steam-pressurized safety cap and heat resistant 8.5-ounce glass carafe
  • Easily prepares latte and cappuccino with the swivel jet frother, for perfect drinks every time.
  • Easy to clean with large removable drip tray
  • Easy operation with on/off switch and indicator light

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  1. K. Harriger "K.R. Harriger" 28/12/2012 at 4:28 pm - Reply

    Excellent choice for the money… I’m surprised at some of the negative reviews of this product. Perhaps the reviewers ended up with the occasional lemons. I’ve purchased two of these…one I bought for myself, and the other as a gift, and they’ve worked beautifully. The milk steamer is very effective (but as noted, the wand is a bit short, which would be my only complaint). It would be nice to have a separate bypass switch between brewing and steaming modes, but the lack of one is common in machines in this price range. Overall I’m very happy with mine and have had no problems at all. At the current price, I’d highly recommend purchasing one. If you want more features and better construction, then spend another $100 or more for a steam pump model, but for fast and easy coffee drinks from a functional, affordable machine, this is hard to beat.January 2010 update: It’s been over four years since purchasing two of these coffee makers, and both are still going strong. The one I purchased for myself is used almost daily, and still works perfectly.

  2. Mary R Swaykus 28/12/2012 at 4:50 pm - Reply

    Perfect Espresso Machine for Those Who Want Value & Quality This Espresso machine is great for people who love good espresso but can’t afford fancy machines. In fact, I think I like this machine better than the fancy machine my mom has. It’s super easy to use and quick- I make a latte every morning before work. And in fact you CAN froth milk with the wand- it takes a little finagling but the trick is to rotate the mug around the wand. It may take a couple of tries to get a routine down but by the third time you’ll get the hang of it. And may I suggest- if you’re making lattes, make only one at a time to get good foam. Enjoy!

  3. Scott E. Partelow 28/12/2012 at 4:59 pm - Reply

    Great Little Espresso Maker I am far from a connoisseur of coffee, but I really like this machine. Unlike the Krupps that is similar priced (FND111 Allegro), it is make much more sturdy. I played with both in a feature to feature comparison and the DeLonghi is MUCH better made.Best : Quality, quick espresso. Easy to clean, easy to use. Very attractive in the kitchen. Pretty darn quick. Great price for the quality.OK : Frother is very short, so you need a short, stout cup to froth with. It is good for Cappuccino, but not really powerful enough for steaming a Latte’s worth of milk. To get some extra steam, run it through an extra cycle just for steam.Bad : Not really any for the price.Overall, I am very, very pleased. I got it for only $39.99 here on Amazon and I think that is one heck of a good deal.

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