Eight O’Clock Coffee, 100% Colombian Ground, 11-Ounce Bags (Pack of 4)

Eight O’Clock Coffee: A century and a half of expertise in every bag. Every time you brew a pot of Eight O’Clock Coffee you expect it to be great. And you are not disappointed – because we put a century and a half of expertise into every bag.

Eight O'Clock 100% Colombian ground coffeeEight O’Clock 100% Colombian ground coffee is the finest blend of award winning 100% Colombian coffee beans–medium roast with a lingering sweet finish. So rich and full-bodied, you will understand why Arabica beans from Columbia are so sought after. This is sold in a pack of four 11-ounce bags.

Eight O'ClockAbout Eight O’Clock
Eight O’Clock started as a store brand way back in 1859 when the Great Atlantic & Pacific Company opened its doors and the whole bean coffee that would later become Eight O’Clock was among its signature products. By the 1930s Eight O’Clock reigned supreme as the #1 coffee brand in the US. During this time, one out of every four cups of coffee consumed was Eight O’Clock. Today this remains as America’s best-selling whole bean coffee and is the fourth largest national coffee brand in terms of volume.

Every time you brew a pot of Eight O’Clock coffee, you expect it to be great. And, you are not disappointed–because they put a century and a half of expertise into every bag.

Product Features

  • Finest blend of award winning 100% Colombian coffee beans
  • Pack of four 11-ounce bags
  • Tastes great every time you brew because it has a century and a half of expertise into every bag
  • Enjoy this medium roast with a lingering sweet finish
  • Today Eight O?Clock is America?s best-selling whole bean coffee

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  1. David Bower 28/11/2012 at 12:41 pm - Reply

    A Really Fine Coffee I’ll admit I had help discovering this brand of coffee; a major consumer review magazine to which I subscribe rated it as one of the best coffees available in the USA. That got me curious so I bought some and have been buying it ever since. It has a marvelous flavor which is never bitter and has always been smooth and rich.The review went on to compliment its aroma and flavor and said it was simply better than the competition and at a lower price. The 100% Columbian uses an Arabica bean which I prefer.For the typical user the ground version is much more convenient unless you have a reasonable method of grinding the beans at home. We have a small batch grinder but it is hard to use and to clean up afterward so I usually get the ground.A number of local stores still carry it but you may not have one in your neighborhood. As many of us have discovered, ordering from Amazon is so easy!In summation, if you enjoy your coffee black this is a very successful alternative to get a great coffee taste at a better than average price.

  2. fine_shopper 28/11/2012 at 1:02 pm - Reply

    Great coffee but packaging could be better! We’ve become loyal fans of Eight o’clock’s ground Columbian coffee! Gives our days a great start! Do wish Eight O’clock would improve the packaging so I could give their coffee 5 stars. We were hopeful when we saw the ads for ‘new package’–but disappointed to find the change is color only. Wish they would improve the bag’s seal to lessen the chances we’ll end up tearing the bag when trying to open it, and improve the method for closing the bag to keep the coffee fresh. The twist tie frequently ‘separates’ from the bag. It’s still our favorite ground coffee; and Amazon’s flexible “subscribe-and-save” brings the coffee to our door, letting us adjust our schedule when we have out-of-town guests and run low early or get behind and don’t need the scheduled delivery because of vacation.

  3. b839549 28/11/2012 at 1:29 pm - Reply

    Great Coffee but much cheaper locally We love this coffee. It is all we buy now. BUT we can get it at Walmart in these 11oz bags for $4.78. The Amazon price is about double that.

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