French Roast, Whole Bean Coffee, 5-Pound Bag

Our own blend of South American and African beans, this coffee is a full French roast and offers a rich and robust flavor. The beans are oily and roasted to a dark brown color. French Roast is close to having an espresso flavor, but is a quite a bit smoother (in fact, some customers prefer to use this bean as their espresso).

Product Features

  • Coffee is roasted fresh immediately prior to packaging
  • Coffee beans are slow-roasted to bring out a fuller, more even flavor
  • Whole bean coffee stays fresher longer
  • Coffee beans are packaged to ensure optimal freshness
  • An expresso blend roasted to a full French Roast

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  1. Jake 11/11/2012 at 3:54 am - Reply

    Excellent Coffee I have been drinking French Roast coffee for over 20 years. I was a little unsure about ordering 5lbs of coffee without trying it. I was concerned about people who commented that it was not a true French Roast – well it is!Occasionally I drink Vienna roast which is the lightest of the dark roasts – not as dark as French. I don’t like the burnt smokey taste of Italian roast. So it’s French roast for me.I knew this coffee was good just by the slight aroma without even opening the bag. The beans are the right color for a French Roast and slightly oily, as should be.I boil the water and use a filter cone to make the coffee. This coffee is rich just like a French Roast should be. This is the French Roast for me from now on.May 2012(Follow-up review. My third bag was a lighter roast – more like a Vienna roast – but still very good quality.

  2. CST 11/11/2012 at 4:05 am - Reply

    Quite satisfied with this coffee We go through coffee at an alarmingly fast rate. This French Roast is great. We think the price and the beans are terrific. Good coffee, good value.The beans are dark and oily. Coffee tastes fresh, rich, dark

  3. M. Anderson 11/11/2012 at 4:35 am - Reply

    A convert I’m a fairly awful and dedicated coffee snob but I go through so much coffee I thought it was worth giving a product that doesn’t start with an “S” a try just to give my wallet a little relief (granted, if I’m going to unnecessarily spend money on anything, it will be good coffee). I do have a strong preference for thick and smokey French roast flavors in the morning that linger with me and I grind the whole beans like I’m making Expresso. Anyway, short story is that I’m on my fourth five pound bag. For me, that’s an very favorable review.

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