G7 instant coffee is extracted directly from the coffee bean, which gives a better cup of coffee than conventional freeze-dried coffee crystals.

Most people who enjoy the richness of coffee beans brew them in their own coffee machines, but this can be time consuming for people who are always on the go. That is why knowing that there is an instant coffee that gives the same tase and richness, minus the hassle of brewing, is definitely great news. The G7 gourmet instant coffee offers the goodness of freshly brewed coffee in an instant.

The Asian instant coffee market has dozens of fiercely competing coffees. The coffees that rise to the top are the very best, the creme de la creme of instant coffees, and we are proud to bring the top instant coffee in all of Asia here to the New Zeland: G7 3 and 1 by Trung Nguyen Coffee.

3-in-1 Coffee is the most popular kind of instant, because it contains a very good non-dairy creamer as well as sweetener in perfect proportion. All our 3-in1 coffees, including the Cappuccino, are milk-free and NONE of the ingredients come from China. However, if you have a serious milk or coconut allergy, we recommend G7 Pure Black coffee as the safest choice.

Important: 1 packet of G7 makes 6 ounces of coffee.


G7 3 and 1 Trung Nguyen Coffee


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