Green Mountain, Gloria Jean’s, Timothy’s, Coffee People, Donut House, Celestial Seasonings, Emeril’s Unique Sampler K-Cup Portion Pack for Keurig Brewers, 35 Different

35 K-Cup Sampler Pack, You are guaranteed 35 different K-Cup flavors — flavored coffees, extra bolds, teas, hot cocoas, decafs, etc… Please note that these are not in gift packaging, but they’re a great way to try new flavors that you’ve never had before. Due to availability some flavors may be substituted without prior notice. Authentic 35 Unique Sampler packs are sold directly by Amazon only.

Product Features

  • 35 K-Cup exciting Sampler Pack; Guaranteed 35 different K-Cup flavors, flavored coffees, extra bolds, teas, hot cocoas, decafs, etc?
  • Try new varieties of K-Cup beverages without having to buy a whole box
  • Works with Keurig single serve brewers
  • Please note that these are not in gift packaging, but they’re a great way to try new flavors that you’ve never had before
  • Authentic 35 Unique Sampler Packs are sold directly by Amazon only

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  1. emilysays 17/09/2012 at 3:57 pm - Reply

    Believe the other reviewers: NOT AS DESCRIBED I saw the negative reviews for this product, but decided the positive outweighed the negative and it was worth a chance. Think of it just like that – a bit of a gamble. Maybe you’ll get a good mix, maybe you won’t. Maybe you’ll get 35 cups, maybe not. I got 31 cups and they were not all unique – some were duplicates. All that said, the cups that I did get included a nice variety and there are several flavors that I had wanted to try and I am now getting to do so. I wish my mix had included more coffee and a bit less cocoa, but I feel like I totally signed-on for that gamble. I did, however, expect to receive the number of cups advertised.I waited to do my review because I contacted the seller and was hoping the situation would be corrected, but it’s been nearly two weeks and I’ve had no response.

  2. A. Hansen "AH Booklover" 17/09/2012 at 3:59 pm - Reply

    Awesome! Considering we have a new Keurig machine at our house we wanted to try a variety of coffee/tea products. Instead of buying 4 boxes of flavors we opted to purchase this “variety” product. After reading quite a few reviews on Amazon I was skeptical on purchasing a “variety” pack thinking I wouldn’t truly get a “big variety.” However, this sampler says you are “guaranteed 35 different K-cups” and they are right-we recieved all different cups, hot chocolate, caramel apple cider, flavored coffee, non-flavored coffee, iced tea, chai tea and decaf. Some were even “limited edition” flavors. I will buy from this company again-wonderful supply!

  3. Dana 17/09/2012 at 4:12 pm - Reply

    No duplicates here! :) Here’s what I received:36 Total instead of 35… YAY!17 Green Mountain +4 Donut House by Green Mountain:Vermont Country Blend Lake & LodgeVermont Country Blend (x2, but the extra is a freebie)Mocha Nut FudgeCaramel Vanilla CreamFrench VanillaHazelnut NoisetteSouthern PecanHOT COCOADouble Black DiamondOur BlendVermont Country Blend DECAFBreakfast BlendNantucket BlendDark Magic Magie NoireColombian Fair Trade SelectWild Mountain BlueberryDH: Coffee/CafeDH: Cinnamon RollDH: Chocolate Glazed DonutDH: DECAF/DECA1 Revv2 Gloria Jean’s:MudslideButter Toffee1 Caribou Coffee, Caribou DECAF Blend2 Timothy’s:Cranberry Green TEAWhite TEA Orange Indulgence2 Emeril’s:Big Easy Bold Big Easy IntenseJazzed Up DECAF (Best Used Before Date: 2/25/12)4 Coffee People:Jet FuelBlack TigerDonut ShopDonut Shop DECAF3 Celestial Seasonings:Mandarin Orange Spice Herbal TEA (Best Used Before Date: 1/21/12)Green TEA with white tea for smooth tasteSleepytime Herbal TEA (Best Used Before Date: 2/6/12)I would have preferred more of brands other than Green Mountain since those are the only Kcups I’ve used thus far, but I am happy with my assortment. Only 3 were past or very close to their Best Used Before Date. I plan on buying this deal again.The Kcups were packaged in a brown paper bag with the top rolled down and stapled and then that bag was placed inside a plastic bag which was so helpfully labeled that the plastic bag is not a toy. ;) My box was rained on before I could retrieve it from my doorstep, so I do appreciate the protection of the plastic and don’t resent the waste.I haven’t sampled any yet, so I can’t comment on the flavors yet, but wanted to get this review out the same day I received my package so that customers can see what they will most likely receive. No old, holiday clearance bin Kcups in this assortment! :)

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