Hamilton Beach 48274 Brew Station 6-Cup Coffeemaker, Black

The Hamilton Beach BrewStation has the innovative dispensing method that makes carafes obsolete. Dispense one cup at a time and keep the rest of your coffee hot without scorching. Removable reservoir makes filling the coffee maker easy and mess free.

Product Features

  • One-hand dispensing–no carafe, no pouring, no spills
  • Programmable digital clock with automatic shutoff
  • Coffee stays fresh longer
  • Use your favorite ground coffee
  • Never break another glass carafe

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  1. Derek E. Schader 30/08/2012 at 8:06 am - Reply

    Excellent Coffee Maker for Single Coffee Drinker!! Ok, in my family, I am the only one who drinks coffee. My wife does not. This coffee maker is perfect for myself. It allows me two full 14oz mugs of coffee without wasting an entire pot on just myself.Most 10-12 cup coffee makers don’t do a good job of making smaller amounts of coffee for those of us that may have a single coffee drinker family. The coffee is either lukewarm or not strong enough when trying to make a smaller batch. My wife doesn’t like coffee so I am stuck either getting an expensive single K-cup style coffee maker, pod maker or a 4-cup drip brewer. However, thanks to the Hamilton Beach 48274 Brew Station 6-Cup Coffeemaker, I can end my search for the perfect solution.The Brew Station makes an excellent, piping hot cup of coffee. It is said to be a 6-cup brewer and that may be the case for a regular 5oz mug. But for me, I use a 14oz mug and this brewer makes exactly two full mugs of coffee with none to spare. The coffee maker does an excellent job of keeping the coffee hot until needed, without continuously cooking the coffee or burning it. The programming is easy to use, and the overall design is simple enough once you get used to filling the water reservoir. I immediately ran three brewing cycles of just water once I opened the box and then made my first batch. There was no plastic taste or any other chemical taste to my coffee.Other reviews have stated their Brew Station leaked, but mine does not. There is a little plastic arm that swings out over the coffee ground basket which dispenses the water. I could see that if this arm was not swung out over the basket, it might leak out the back. Also, the actual dispensing mechanism might be another place for leakage if there are coffee grounds or some object stuck between the valve and gasket so be sure to make sure this area has no coffee grounds in it prior to using. Again, I have not had this problem and don’t anticipate that I will as I am really careful to not get coffee grounds in the coffee reservoir and always make sure the arm is over the brewing basket.Others have mentioned that 8-12 cup filters don’t fit this maker. The manual does not state which size filter to use either. I have found that 4-cup filters are a perfect fit for this maker and most likely what Hamilton Beach intended. Walmart sells 200 of these filters for around one dollar. If they aren’t on the coffee aisle at Walmart, then check where the coffee makers themselves are sold as Walmart tends to sell things in multiple locations inside a store.Overall, I am very pleased with this maker especially considering the price.

  2. nonniepop 30/08/2012 at 8:31 am - Reply

    I love my little coffee maker After reading the negative reviews, I was a little leery of buying this coffee maker, but my daughter bought it for me, and I’m thrilled. I have found that if I’m careful pouring the water in and if I pack the 4-cup filter in the basket before adding the coffee, I have no problem with leaks. The little arm that sprinkles the water over the grounds moves automatically in place when you close the cover, but I just position it myself to be sure. The programming function has worked great so far. The best part is that I no longer have to put the coffee in the microwave after pouring it-it’s nice and hot. I think the dispenser is cool, and I love the fact that there’s no glass coffee pot to play around with. I feel it’s very easy to clean-I just let the pot cool and then soak it for a few minutes and wipe it out. There’s hardly any water left in the reservoir after brewing which is greatA word of caution-the components are made of cheap plastic so you do need to be a little careful putting them in place. Don’t let the cover slam because it won’t close tightly and I think I may have displaced mine a little but it still works fine. It’s a little noisy-makes a soft perking type noise as long as there’s coffee left, so I know when it’s almost empty because the noise stops. There were complaints about it not really making 6 cups, but as far as I know, every coffee maker on the market uses the 6 ounce measure as 1 cup, even though there are probably not many people who use that in real life. What does a 6 ounce cup even look like???I think there may have been some improvements since the earlier reviews-there is a picture guide inside the lid, and a very basic manual. One thing it does say is not to use more that 5 Tablespoons of coffee, probably because if you use much more, it will leak or get grounds in the coffee. I have had no trouble so far with using heaping spoonfuls

  3. Chris 30/08/2012 at 9:02 am - Reply

    Perfect for me… I bought this coffee maker because I got tired of making single cups in my Senseo. This is a PERFECT size for me…3 full coffee mugs – the size I use. LOVE the fact I can use a “program” brew feature.Maybe I was one of the “lucky” ones…but so far no problems. BUT, just want to address some of the prior complaints.1) “Leaking”….none for me…just at the end when you flip the lid open to clean out the grounds, etc…simple condensation from the lid…just wipe it up.2) “Not hot”….coffee was PRETTY darn hot….I CAN say, though, as time goes by, the 2nd and 3rd cup were “hot”, just not SUPER hot as the first cup…I programmed mine to be ready EXACTLY when I get up….NOT 30 mins earlier,etc. The process of brewing is REALLY fast, so IF you can’t get the time that close, just have it ready the nite before….don’t use the “auto brew” feature….just turn it on “manually” and it’s done basically in 4-5 mins.3) “Weak”….I used one “coffee scoop”…which is basically a tablespoon/cup…strong enough…depending on taste…maybe use a “columbian” coffee….the REAL stuff….that’ll put hair on your chest!! LOL Or, a French Roast….JMO4) “Filter size”…well, I used what I had on hand…the larger sized ones. I made sure the “water arm” was placed properly to dispense the hot water into the middle of the coffee area…no problems. BUT….I can say….using the “taller” filters (for the 12 cup makers) is DEFINITELY a far better practice…I noticed the grounds traveled “up” the filter after I opened the lid when done brewing….using a “shorter” filter (even though “look wise” they are a better “fit”) it would DEFINITELY cause the coffee to overflow out the filter. Just make sure when you close the lid with the “taller” filters – a) the water “arm” is centered over the grounds in the filter – b) when you close the lid, be sure the “excess” filter material is “fitted” around the inside of the filter basket…it WILL obviously “crinkle” on the top when you close the lid since it’s taller.Seems like a lot of work…but, just common sense stuff…for the money, and compact size, you can’t go wrong !!********************January 31, 2011Have NEVER done this…but when I bought this, there were quite a few “1 star” posts. I ended up thinking “I must be one of the lucky people who always get things that work”.AND…yessss, I must have too much time on my hands to come back and update my original post….LOL1) No offense to anyone….BUT…I didn’t bother to read the “directions”….coffee makers are kinda “self explanatory”….or simple enough to figure out…NOT rocket science, IMO. AND…there’s “pictures” on the lid with step by step directions if you forget what to do…..2) I’ve been using 1/3 cup coffee – Folgers – STILL the filters that fit my 12 cup maker…STILL just “fold” the excess paper over the edge of the filter basket…..STILL MAKE SURE THE WATER ARM IS MOVED ALL THE WAY OVER THE FILTER BASKET – as far as it will go!!!!! Add xtra coffee if it’s “too weak” for you!!****Yes…the lid stays sligltly “open” does NOT go all the way down. One thing wrong…but I said “deal with it”.Coffee is HOT!! Unless you’re adding enough milk/half-n-half to make something like a “latte”…then, it WILL be cool. I get THREE 10 oz. mugs of coffee out of this machine….YES, I went and measured!! LOL3) Fill ONLY up to line inside the well for the water….they put them there for a REASON!!! AND…make sure the water goes INTO the well…DO NOT pour it all over the inside….there IS an “opening” for the dispenser device….which can be seen….and water WILL leak out if you pour it all over the place.4) Be sure the coffee “well” is put TOTALLY back into the maker…NOT tipped…FLAT with the bottom of the space where it goes.5) AGAIN…when you flip the lid “up” it WILL have water droplets….the water WILL leak out the back as it flows off the lid….it’s called “condensation”….not much to do but to WIPE IT UP!!!6) Coffee maker IS light weight…coffee maker WILL move as you push the dispenser button to get coffee into your cup ….NOPE, it’s NOT a “Krups” or “Cuisinart”…it doesn’t imply it is.Now I KNOW I have too much time on my hands this morning…but, after going thru all this, I’m NOT gonna delete my post now….LOL

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