Hamilton Beach 48464 Brewstation Summit 12-Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

Hamilton Beach Brewstation Summit 12 cup Programmable Coffee Maker. One hand dispensing so your last cup tastes as fresh as the first cup. This coffee maker has several brewing options making it one of the most versitile on the market. Choose from bold, regular, iced coffee or small batch options.

Product Features

  • 12-cup programmable coffeemaker with insulated inner tank and no carafe
  • Dispensing bar for one-handed serving; keep-warm mode; auto shut-off
  • Bold, regular, iced-coffee, or small-batch brewing options; digital display
  • Removable water tank; water-level indicator; dishwasher-safe parts
  • Measures approximately 12 by 9 by 17 inches; 1-year limited warranty

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  1. rap 16/12/2012 at 7:41 am - Reply

    You had me worried Like many of those who wrote reviews, I also owned previous models of the H.B. Brew Station. They were hard to fill without spilling some water. They wore out after two/three years of constant use with very little upkeep by me. They earned their keep. I bought a H.B. Summit 12 cup last week; and before setting it up, I went to this site to check some reviews for suggestions and help on what I might encounter with the new brewer. (This approach is backwards, I know) Had I read the reviews beforehand, I would never have purchased the product. Comments like very messy, cannot see how much coffee is being dispensed, coffee drips all over, can only use a paper cup, coffee is not hot hard to program…………… good grief!!!Here’s what this 71 year old man experienced in his first week with the “POT” I used the old gold mesh filter I used on prior brewer. Makes the same very good cup of coffes as others before it. I plugged it in, yes, a short plug. filled it to 12 cups, found it much easier to fill than prior machine; Set warming time, pushed “ON” It brewed quickly, I pushed my large thick ceramic cup against the fill bar and watched it fill quickly with hot coffee! no spills, no chills. There was no dripping from the spout. Yes, there was some water vapor coming from the top of te brewer, I and my wife are having NO problems with the machine, Really, people!! This, by the way, is my first ever review of a product. I felt it necessary to respond to the bum rap this product was getting. No, I don’t work for, or own stock in H.B Co.

  2. CoffeeSnob 16/12/2012 at 7:54 am - Reply

    Overall, we like it! Purchased to replace our Brewstation Deluxe, which we absolutely loved! The only reason we did not purchase another one exactly like our old one is because of the leaking problem. About 1x/year we would need to replace the ‘carafe’ portion of the coffeemaker. The Summit was the 3rd replacement model we tried. It is the only other model that has all of the features that the Deluxe had (programmable auto shut-off & timer, brewing cycle selection). I agree with the previous post that it is a bit more awkward to fill. But, the biggest problem I have with it is the coffee basket. It has about 50 holes in the bottom for the water/coffee to flow out of the basket. The result is a very weak-tasting coffee because it flows through so quickly. I can’t understand why this model is made like this when other models have only one hole! There is no way to even use enough coffee to get a strong flavor, even when putting it on ‘Bold’ setting, which slows down the brewing cycle. I figured out how to solve this problem by purchasing a permanent filter basket to use inside the other basket, plus using a paper filter. This adds to the awkwardness of the whole process, but we are so hooked on this style of machine that are willing to put up with it. It is also messier than the Deluxe because of all of the condensation inside. When you lift the lid water runs down (but mostly back into the carafe), and when you take out the basket there is condensation all over it and it drips trying to get it to the trash or sink. I also just noticed one of the buttons to set the time is sticking. Well, maybe I should go back to the Deluxe…

  3. Jeffery W. Hanson 16/12/2012 at 8:13 am - Reply

    Feedback after owning MANY Brewstations including this one now The electrical cord is 25 inches long to the very tip of the metal prongs. Otherwise 24.5 inches cord length including the plug part you hang onto. Leaving you 24 inches for the cord itself. Our previous Brewstations all had this same length of electrical cord. This model does not have a turntable on the bottom. The only time we needed turntables were on older Brewstations that had to have the water poured into the base from a certain side to avoid spilling or to aid in viewing the fill level markings. This model has ALL the previous fill markings and some new ones. Very handy for older eyes. The MAXIMUM coffee mug height is 7 inches if you hold the mug vertically. (If you hold your mug at a angle and use your finger to dispense against the mechansim you can fill anything.) 7 inches is plenty tall for all the standard travel/commute mugs holding 16 oz. The lid does dribble all over the place when you take the Brewstation apart for cleaning or making another pot. Just remember to lift the lid slowly and tap it with vibration as you open it. You will leave condensation water from the lid running down the back of the Brewstation about the volume of a 50 cent piece. The lid cannot be removed. You can wipe up the spilled water by simply running a sponge, papertowel, etc around the back. Remember, this is water and not coffee. If you position a papertowel at the hinge you prevent problems. The Brewstation does dispense/dribble down the back of your coffee mug once in awhile. The first time you notice this and before your next pot of coffee you clean the pot out and then fill with a few inches of clean water, lift the pot so you can see under it where the coffee dispenses and manually trigger the release mechanism to allow it to flush coffee grinds out. End of dribbling. There is a domed filter screen permanently attached at the point where the coffee leaves during dispensing. This lets small particles of coffee get by apparently get into the valve seat. Brewstations make GREAT coffee. House guests almost always end up buying their own. ALWAYS buy the latest model Brewstation with the highest numberic model number as you get the latest features that way and improvements and fixes. LOVE the Brewstation.

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