How To Make Iced Coffee – 21 Outstanding Iced Coffee Recipes

”Attention! The price of this book will soon be raise to 5.99”

I have been making Iced Coffee since 1994, I taste and taste all day. I am not going to bore you with stories, I know you like iced coffee and you want to know how to make one. I have good news for, I have 21 outstanding, easy to make Iced Coffee recipes.
This recipe book is straight to the point, the table of content is click-able thus you don’t need to waste time scrolling through all the pages, just click on any flavor and the recipe will appear.
I am addicted to iced coffee, I just love the taste. I have 21 recipes and i am eager to share it with you for the love of Coffee.

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2 Responses to “How To Make Iced Coffee – 21 Outstanding Iced Coffee Recipes”

  1. <path_to_url> stargazerlily

    lots of different ways to have coffee! It has a lot of recipes I have never seen. I have tried several and the ones I have made were good. I enjoy having a variety of ways to make it!

  2. <path_to_url> Jeff "still alive"

    I have resisted buying this for a long time… Really… Iced Coffee? Ice + Coffee = Iced Coffee, right?Today I saw the book, free for the Kindle, & thought… OK… I’ve been drinking iced coffee for about 2 years, I should see what this person’s ideas are.A pleasant surprise. A lot of these recipes are low sugar, low fat or could be modified to be so. Really good ideas.


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