I Love Coffee! Over 100 Easy and Delicious Coffee Drinks

* I Love Coffee! features over 100 easy-to-make coffee drinks, including the Black Forest Latte, Sugar-Free Java Chai Latte, Iced Orange Mochaccino, Tiramisú Martini, and Candy Cane Latte.

* I Love Coffee! brings the passion for coffee into your home with a creative variety of hot and cold drinks. It is the ultimate how-to handbook for the 111 million coffee drinkers in North America.

Now coffee lovers can make delicious cappuccinos, cold coffee quenchers, decadent coffee desserts, and classy coffee martinis year-round using simple techniques with gourmet results in this indispensable coffee guide and cookbook.

In I Love Coffee! coffee connoisseur Susan Zimmer shares expert advice and techniques, from how to brew the perfect cup and how to make a basic cappuccino without a machine to a World Barista Latte Art Champion’s tips for making masterful latte art designs. It is brimful with a wealth of coffee understanding from the “ground” up, from bean to cup, including international coffees and brewing techniques best suited to a variety of preferences, all topped off with plenty of problem-solving tips and delectable full-color photographs.

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  1. dnk "dnkboston" 27/08/2012 at 5:21 am - Reply

    Great at home resource for the coffee afficianado I work part-time as a barista, and I picked up this book to get some ideas for flavor combinations that we could introduce into our cafe. Certainly, this book has tons, featuring unusual flavor combinations- think chocolate/orange/hazelnut- and also holiday ideas (eggnog for Christmas, creme de Menthe for St. Patrick’s etc.) as well as the classics. Even more importantly, it gives you the know-how to make your favorite latte combinations at home. As odd as it may seem, one of my favorite things to do at work is to steam milk- I love the look and feel of the foam. Zimmer explains how to do that almost perfectly using a pan, a whisk or handheld mixer and your stovetop. (Sadly, this doesn’t work as well for me with soymilk, but with practice I’m sure I’ll get it.) She also explained how to do a stovetop espresso with the classic Bialetti espresso maker. Since it retails for about $35, that’s a heck of a lot cheaper than a souped up espresso machine and would almost definitely pay for itself after about ten lattes; you may never need to go to your local cafe again.However, I disagreed with her instructions for many of the flavored lattes and mochas. She advises pouring in the milk first and then the syrups and espressos; I find the flavor is distributed better if the shot and syrup are in first and then followed by the milk. But that’s probably more a matter of preference than anything else- your results may differ.This is also a comprehensive reference for beans and roasting, and she even gives instructions for roasting your own beans at home. Seriously, she leaves the reader pretty much no excuse not to have the best cafe-level coffee in your own home.Highly recommended.

  2. Robin Jay "Writer/Producer" 27/08/2012 at 5:30 am - Reply

    Espresso Yourself! Susan Zimmer takes coffee seriously – make no beans about it! Her humor comes through in this amazing book that not only offers super-duper, impressive recipes for all kinds of coffee drinks (hot, cold, w/liquor, caf & decaf!), but she also shares her vast knowledge on all other aspects of this addictive brew.I own one of her earlier works, “Cappuccino Cocktails & Espresso Martinis,” but in her new book, she really hits her stride. It is small and colorful and packed with everything you need to know about our latest obsession. As “The Queen of the Business Lunch,” (I am the author of “The Art of the Business Lunch), I need to be in the know about everything relating to fine dining, entertaining and taking care of guests. I entertain a LOT at my home. I was so inspired by Susan’s book that I decided to host a Sunday Brunch just so I could get creative and offer my guests some of her suggested drinks. What a hit!I used coffee as the theme and sprinkled beans on every serving dish. I knew more about coffee than any of my guests after reading “I LOVE COFFEE” and everyone seemed to delight in learning little tidbits of information. We did taste tests and made several of the recipes. Every single one was a winner. Then we got into the coffee martinis. We had a blast. I put out a tray with various sugars, whipped cream, chocolate covered beans, cinnamon sticks and other garnishes. I never knew coffee could be so much fun.This book also makes a great gift. We played a few games and I gave away a copy as the grand prize. I got rave reviews from my clients who came to brunch. They were all impressed with the theme and all of the treats. I think everyone who loves to cook or entertain should have a copy of Susan’s book and read it from cover to cover. I can’t rave enough about her wit, her humor and her knowledge. This is an excellent book!

  3. Kiley Kuchler 27/08/2012 at 5:40 am - Reply

    I do love coffee… Just not this book. I bought this hoping to find real recipes inside that I could create at home. Everything used some sort of flavored syrup, which other than the basic vanilla or carmel, must be bought online or in a specialty shop. This makes the drinks too expensive and time consuming to make at home.I do however think a lot of creativity was put into creating these drinks, but feel the “recipes” would be better suited to coffee shops and vendors.In the beginning of the book she does explain different methods for making coffee and espresso. Helpful for the novice, but unless you have an unnaturally large variety of flavored syrups on hand, you’re better off without this book.

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