Jeffrey Banchero Discusses the House Committee on the Judiciary Impeachent Inquiry, Part 1

Citation Jeffrey Banchero recorded interview by Timothy Naftali, October 28, 2011, the Richard Nixon Oral History Project of the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum. About the Richard Nixon Oral History Project The Richard Nixon Oral History Project was created in November 2006 at the initiative of Timothy Naftali, weeks after he had begun his tenure as director of what was then the Nixon Presidential Materials Staff at the National Archives and Records Administration. (The Nixon Presidential Materials Staff became the Richard Nixon Presidential Library and Museum on July 11, 2007, with the incorporation of certain facilities in Yorba Linda, California, that formerly had been operated by the private Richard Nixon Library & Birthplace.) The project was intended to preserve the memories and reflections of former Nixon officials and others who had been prominent in the Nixon era by conducting videotaped interviews. Starting in February 2007, Paul Musgrave, Special Assistant to the Director, coordinated the project, which was housed in the Office of the Director. Naftali insisted from the projects inception that it be a serious, impartial and nonpartisan source of information about President Nixon, his administration, and his times. A second goal of the project was to provide public domain video that would be available as free historical content for museums and for posting on the Internet. Donors to the project neither requested nor received a veto over interview <b>…<b>

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