Keurig® Platinum B70 Gourmet Single Cup Coffee & Tea Brewing System Added Value: 60 K-Cups & My K-Cup Reusable Filter

Deliciously simple® in less than 60 seconds!

Everyone’s taste in coffee is different. You love dark roast while your spouse prefers light roast. Your best friend drinks decaf, your next-door neighbor drinks tea and the kids want hot cocoa. With over 200 varieties of coffee, tea and hot cocoa to choose from, Keurig® makes it possible for everyone to brew their own perfect cup in less than a minute. Unlike conventional coffee makers, there’s no coffee to grind or measure, no coffee pots to clean and no soggy filters to throw away.

The gourmet Keurig® Ultra B70 single serve coffee system offers easy one-touch brewing with four brewing sizes, an advanced programmable LCD control center, 24-hour digital clock and removable drip tray. Includes a bonus pack of 60 K-Cups® variety pack plus one My K-Cup reusable filters.

Each K-Cup is sealed air-tight for freshness and is available in over 150 varieties of name brand gourmet coffee and teas to meet the most demanding taste profiles. All coffees available are 100% Arabica beans.

Product Features

  • keurig B70
  • Platinum B70

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  1. Knitpicker "knitpicker" 23/12/2012 at 1:34 pm - Reply

    Great for individual servings Took awhile to convince my husband this was a good thing. Now he’s totally sold and our poor little “regular” coffee maker is feeling neglected. Whatever Keurig you choose, be sure to get the My K-Cup so you can use any type of coffee you wish. This is the thing that sold us on the unit. The K-cups are fairly expensive themselves, but the fact that I can still buy my own gourmet, locally roasted coffee and grind perfectly to use in my Keurig has me tickled pink.We purchased one which came with an assortment of 60 K-cups as well as the My K-cup unit. Really enjoying trying the different flavors that came with the unit. When using the My K-cup, it took a few tries to get the right grind, but once you find that with your grinder, you’re all set. I saw several comments by others that the coffee was very weak, and found the following Amazon reviewer’s suggestions very helpful: […] Perhaps not the greatest solution long term, but until Keurig can fix the design flaw of the My K-cup, it’ll do.I love the following features:- Auto on and off: the unit is ready when I stumble out of bed and feel my way to the kitchen. I have it set to turn off in an hour.- Multiple cup sizesThe unit is rather large and takes up some space, but it’s totally worth it. We are keeping our “regular” coffee pot for occasions when we just want to make a pot of coffee, but we are really loving our Keurig!

  2. V. A Cooper "vcooper1" 23/12/2012 at 1:49 pm - Reply

    Keurig Burnt Coffee taste? Simple answer. I just got this machine & my Coffee tasted burnt. My water temp was at the higest setting 192. I thought that temp my be too high,so I set it to lowest setting of 187 & my coffee is perfect & still hot enough for plenty of half & half. The burnt taste is gone. This setting may differ in all machines,so if your getting a burnt taste with your machine,try different temp settings. You just got to find your “Sweet spot” :)

  3. A. Adams 23/12/2012 at 2:02 pm - Reply

    Love this thing! This is PERFECT if you are an everyday or even casual coffee drinker. I love to make cold coffee with it. I got a huge assortment of the keurig cups and have been using them a few times a week. Every flavor I have tried so far has been good. The coffee maker itself works flawlessly. My only complaint is that it’s sort of hit or miss on how good the coffee will taste when you go to the larger cup sizes. I like to brew the normal size first then re-brew and see if it still holds flavor.Also, I don’t like how expensive the cups are. While, I have a lot of cups right now, I have a feeling if I used this more frequently I’d be spending way more money. I do have the my k-cup so I will probably end up using that.I rated this 5 stars because the coffee maker itself is great. Works great, I love how I can fill it up with a lot of water and make a few cups any time I want. Very easy to use. It came with 60 k-cups and while they aren’t the more desired flavors (to me), they are still good to get a feel for the coffee maker with.

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