Legendee Gold – Sang Tao 8 Trung Nguyen Creative 8

Legendee Gold – Sang Tao 8 Trung Nguyen Creative 8 500g

From the best coffee beans from Vietnam, Jamaica, Brazil, Ethiopia, coffee Creation 8 is produced by the latest technology from Europe, will bring people to enjoy a delicious coffee flavor, unique and most attractive” Says Trung Nguyen Vietnam.

A combination of brightness, traditionally Arabica aroma and acidity give you a tremendous intense coffee.

Napoleon on a horse rampant features on the label as an acknowledgment to the French influence on Vietnamese coffee.

Trung Nguyen one of the big three of the Vietnamese coffee manufacturers has created true coffee cachet with the return of the Creative 8 blend.

Creative 8 like the old Legendee coffee from Trung Nguyen is our premium coffee that is highly valued for it’s intense flavour due to the special selected beans.

Shipping weight is .79 kg
– Creative 8 is an excellent gift for the coffee connoisseur that is sure to impress

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