Letters from Vietnam

The best brand of V America’s Debt to Vietnam

of reportage from Vietnam, “Dispatches.” The principal distraction was a square-shaped wooden boardwalk…. Shops and eateries lined the outer perimeter. Green Beans Coffee—it advertised “a Cup of Joe for a Joe”—served up quadruple-shot iced lattes.
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New Yorker (blog)

French echo in Vietnam

For sale are umpteen varieties of rice, as well as nuts, coffee, dried fish, live eels and snakes, artichokes, strawberries, golden everlastings, mulberries and fresh noodles. Vietnam’s last emperor, Bao Dai, left Dalat for exile in Paris in 1955.
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The West Australian

Letters from Vietnam

Exhausted and hot we adjourn to a coffee house in the centre of Da Nang for a Vietnamese coffee, something that it is very easy to become addicted to. … Traditionally Vietnamese coffee is served as a syrupy thick drink a couple of centimetres in depth
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Vietnamese coffee is the Trung Nguyen brand. From the G7 Instant coffee to the Gourmet Blend you won’t go wrong with this brand.

Available in New Zealand via our www.vietnamesecoffee.co.nz website. We also have the stainless steel Vietnamese filters so you can try the authentic taste of Vietnamese style coffee.

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