Magnum Jamaican Blue Mountain Blend Coffee, Whole Bean, 2 Lb Bag

This blend offers everything; rich flavor, a full body, and moderate acidity.

Product Features

  • Rich flavor, a full body, and moderate acidity
  • 2 lb bag of roasted whole beans
  • 100% Arabica coffee
  • Small batch roasting
  • Guaranteed freshness with stay-fresh valve and special packaging

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  1. B. Brenner 10/11/2012 at 3:41 am - Reply

    Great Coffee! Unlike the reviewer above who mentioned it’s nothing like the real thing, I would have to disagree.I have also had real Jamaica blue mountain, and I had it right along side the Magnum JBM Blend, and I can honestly say there really isn’t a very big difference in flavor. The only easily discernible difference that I noticed is that at the time, the real Jamaica Blue Mountain coffee cost $50/lb whereas the Magnum Blend was a mere $7.99/lb!That is not to say I wont ever go for the real stuff again, but for the most part the Magnum Jamaica Blue Mountain blend is an awesome alternative.Oh, and I called Magnum a while back to inquire about the blend, and they did tell me that it was a mix of real JBM Beans and other high quality Arabica beans. They didn’t tell me what ratio the mix was though.

  2. TexanFan14 "TexanFan14" 10/11/2012 at 3:59 am - Reply

    Decent coffee for the money, and I do like it…but it sure ain’t the real thing… Once or twice a year I splurge on the real thing – a pound of Jamaica Blue Mountain from the island itself to the tune of around $35 shipped (I usually go in with a few people and we get a small discount). The rest of the year I sigh heavily and look for decent coffee locally, and fail miserably. I like a nice, mild, smooth cup of coffee in the morning, and most of the stuff around here is dark roasted blech that tastes like somebody put a cigarette out in it. So I didn’t really have high hopes when I saw this stuff, especially since as a “Blend” it didn’t even indicate what percent was actually JBM (not to mention it’s pretty cheap at about $14 shipped for 2 lbs).Fortunately, I was pleasantly surprised. No, I suspect not one bean in the bag ever came within a hundred miles of Jamaica, but nevertheless – reasonably smooth taste/body, not much bitterness, and a nice mild-to-medium roast (I’d say “half-city”). Certainly enough better than anything I’ve found on the shelves locally that I’ve gotten it twice now.4 stars because it has a mild acidic finish, and the smell of the beans was offputting at first (fortunately, it doesn’t carry over into the cup – taste OR smell).

  3. S. R. Green 10/11/2012 at 4:20 am - Reply

    Constant Coffee Drinker I did quite a bit of research searching for Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee at an affordable price, but ultimately found that I could not afford to buy it for everyday use because of the high cost. I then looked for whole bean blends that had at least a percentage of Blue Mountain coffee in them and happened to run across this brand. Also a friend happened to bring me back some top grade pure Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee from one of the plantations while vacationing there. I then brewed up a pot of this blend as well as the pure stuff to compare them and found the blend fairly close in taste and very acceptable at a fraction of the cost. I’ve since been buying this whole bean blend for the last few years and have probably consumed over 40 pounds of it now. I was originally buying it directly from the roastery which ships very fast, however they have recently raised their price in exorbitance of over 50% plus shipping costs. I also asked the roastery about the types of coffees and percentages of each in this blend and they declined to answer, indicating it is a proprietary blend. Based on the quantities I buy each time, I will probably start getting it from Amazon where I can take advantage of their free shipping. All considered, this is probably one of the best medium roast coffees you can buy at this price range for an island type coffee.

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