Melitta 46893 12-Cup Coffee Maker

The Melitta 10cup coffeemaker with a thermal carafe has 3 brew strength settings including regular, bold, and robust. The adjustable warming plate allows you to control the temperature in the carafe after brewing. The cone filter basket provided better flavor extraction for a better tasting coffee. Other conveniences include programmability with a 2 hour shutoff and automatic pause and serve functionality.

Product Features

  • Regular, bold and robust settings for rich-tasting coffee
  • Programmable with 2-hour auto shutoff
  • Automatic pause and serve
  • Durable stainless steel
  • Cone filter design for better coffee extraction

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  1. Y. Cha "Yuniverse" 13/12/2012 at 4:33 am - Reply

    Been looking for a coffee maker like this! UPDATE: I’m updating the review just to reinforce its pros and add another. After 4 months, it’s working like a champ(as expected). I’d like to add another pro: Sometimes when I pour the coffee too quickly, the coffee overcomes the spout and coffee drips along the carafe’s wall on to the table – especially when the carafe is full. I always have to be careful not to pour it too quickly. However the spout on this carafe is made such that it prevents over-spill. I love it.——————————————————————————————————-Original review:I usually brew my coffee with with whole coffee beans ground by . However, when we have guests, we need a regular coffee maker: I can’t brew enough coffee with Moka Express without running it 2-4 times and that just simply takes too long.We used to have a braun coffee maker with served us well. When it started leaking, we had to look for an alternative. I was not too impressed with any of the cuisinarts and finally trimmed my selection down to this and Zojirushi coffee makers. While trying to decide, had a Wolfgang Puck coffee maker on sale and I pulled the trigger. I shouldn’t have. When it arrived, I was let down by cheap-feeling plastics and “metals”. The carafe had to be inserted with pressure and just right position to avoid spills. I had to send it back.Then, this coffee maker price dropped to $50 and I had to try it. Am I ever glad that I did! Here are pros and cons:PROS:1. Makes a great cup of coffee. It’s not as good as Moka Express, but I’ve never found a drip coffee maker that even comes close. This one comes closer than any I’ve tasted. I only tried “Bold” mode, but you can also use “Regular” and “Robust” for lighter and darkest flavors respectively.2. Coffee temperature is hot. I haven’t actually measured it, but it’s hotter than my braun and other cuisinarts I’ve tried. This adds to the taste of the coffee.3. Carafe goes into the coffee maker without any fuss – very smooth. Many coffee makers now use one of those round ball-like contact point between the carafe and the coffee maker. The problem with many of them is that the contact is awkward most of the time. This one fits smoothly.4. Looks great on the counter. My finicky wife is satisfied with the looks – that’s all I can ask. She says the plastic on the Wolfgang Puck was very cheap looking while this one looks descent. She’s the expert.CONS:1. This is slightly taller than other coffee makers. As other reviewers have mentioned, you may have to pull it out of under the cabinet in order to pour water into the bin.2. There is no auto-shutoff. Not much of a problem for me.3. When set at “Bold” setting, it does take longer to brew than I’m used to. “Robust” would certainly take even longer.I would highly recommend this coffee maker just for the taste of the coffee. Other pros are bonus. :)

  2. Maine Thoughts 13/12/2012 at 4:58 am - Reply

    Why So Hard To Find A Good Basic Coffee Maker If you are reading these reviews on coffee makers you, like me, are amazed at how nearly every maker has very mixed reviews. Why can’t a good standard coffee maker be made? My first drip coffee maker lasted 15 years, my second about 8 years but after reading many of the reviews, it appears it’s now common for makers to only last 2-3 years! I do like to grind my own beans and my previous coffee maker was a Melitta but it was mediocre in grinding and started to leak at the end of its 8 years. I decided this medium priced coffee maker without a coffee grinder was a good compromise on price and functionality. I have been using it for a month now and have been very impressed. The cone filters do give a better brew but only if you get coffee that is medium fine ground, many commercial coffees are coarse ground.Melitta also makes some coffee and I have found their Vienna Roast to be particularly good. I do believe that the setting on the machine allowing you to make stronger or weaker brews does work. It basically does a slower cycle if you want stronger coffee but again make sure you have medium fine ground coffee to make this work for you. For those of you who are fanatics about hot coffee, it stays plenty hot on the warmer, I had to actually change my setting to a cooler setting. My only criticism is the basket handle must be up when you insert it into the maker. Once you hear the basket snap then you fold down the handle. It took me several days to figure out why I was having difficulty with the basket. I would have given 5 stars had this feature worked better, but not a problem once you understand how to insert it correctly.So after my frustration at researching coffee makers I am very happy with this one. Rest assured that I will update this review if I find the coffee maker doesn’t hold up over time… happy brewing!

  3. TE5LA 13/12/2012 at 5:22 am - Reply

    Decent Product, But Be Careful Buying Here The reason for the title is due to this product being shown inaccurately on Amazon. The photo shows a stainless thermal carafe when indeed this is not the product being sold here. The thermal model is a 10-cup coffee maker while this is the 12-cup glass model. The seller was nice and made amends for the misleading page and my review of the product is in no way reflective of this incident. While true that the description does not state “thermal”, I had looked at the other Melitta thermal 10-cup one and had selected this one because it was a 12-cup model. I think the coffee makers may be the same except for the carafe, the thermal being fewer cups because of the thickness of the carafe.The product is attractive and the controls being above the carafe ensures they will not get soaked in the event of a spill, which can happen with other makers where the controls are in front of the hot plate. The Braun machine I am replacing (broken carafe) was like this. I will be using the Braun as a comparison in this review.The controls on the Melitta are simple: A large round button for turning the maker on and off with a red LED in the center to indicate status. A similar button to the left of the display selects the brew strength of Regular, Bold, or Robust, which is displayed in small text at the bottom of the blue-backlit display. There seems to be a noticeable difference in Regular and Bold. I have not tried Robust. Near the brew select button is a small button for the hot plate temperature for LO, MED, or HI. Unlike some people who sue fast food chains for making hot coffee, I like my coffee hot so I set this to “HI”. The downside is that since I make only enough coffee for a single serving and forget to turn off the unit, it scorches the small amount that might be remaining in the carafe. This is because the hot plate remains on for two hours and is not adjustable. My older Braun unit (about 10 years now) has an adjustable hot plate timer from zero (instant off) to four hours in 1-minute increments. I don’t see why any programmable coffee maker today would not have this feature. The other small buttons are to set the clock and the auto-brew time. A small LED lights up to indicate that auto-brew is enabled.Physically, the maker is fairly trim width-wise but is pretty tall. It is nearly 2 inches taller than my Braun and while it will fit below my cabinets, you can’t open the filler doors, so it has to remain out front of the cabinets. The flip-up doors are a bad design. The coffee area cannot be opened without also opening the water reservoir door as well. You can open the water door without open the coffee door, but not the other way ’round. This makes it possible to spill some coffee grounds into the water reservoir if you’re not very careful. The filter basket has a handle that swings up and the basket can be inserted only one way and the handle must be raised or the basket will not seat properly. I’m not certain of the reasoning behind this design but it isn’t a critical thing once you’re used to it.The carafe is well-designed. It has a piece near the pouring spout inside the carafe that makes it a bit difficult for large hands to reach inside for cleaning, but it is a small price to pay for the way it pours, which is excellent. There is never any back-pouring of the coffee which I believe is why this piece is in the carafe. The lid will attempt to fall open when the carafe is nearly empty, but I prevent this now by keeping my thumb pressed lightly against the flipper part of the lid. It would have been nice if there had been a spring or more friction in the hinge to prevent this. The water level indicator matches the indicator on the reservoir perfectly. I’m not sure if Melitta has compensated for water loss in the filter and evaporation with these measurements. I typically pour a 16.9-oz. container of bottled water that fills my travel cup almost perfectly.I purchased the whole bean Kicking Horse “Kick Ass” coffee with this and it’s pretty good. I like the Bold setting. I have also ordered a burr grinder and will delegate my Cuisinart blade grinder to spices only. So far, this coffee maker is satisfactory for my needs. I am hoping to be able to find the thermal carafe (if indeed it is compatible. The only thing is, it seems odd that the hot plate will still be on unless manually turned off.P.S. For some reason, the Amazon link and page for this lists “Hamilton Beach” as the manufacturer, but it is a Melitta product.

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