We have established our own Coffee Roasting business in Vietnam to provide Private Label Coffee manufacturing options for companies and organisations.

We can produce Instant Ground Coffee including Freeze Dried products based on your blends or we can create blends similar to those of the market leaders.bon_aroma

Graphics and packaging can be provided by you, or we can create a branding and packaging solution.

Our Coffee is produced in communities to help create a sustainable life style for the local villages.

Please email me or phone me with your questions.


Increase your company’s profits while also promoting your own company brand. Here is your chance to sell first class coffee under your own private label.

You can create a range of coffee that you and your customers will enjoy. Let us work with you to determine the best products for your business, develop packaging for your market, and arrange distribution to your outlets.



A private label program gives you the advantage of increasing your brand and associating your name with superior quality. Whether you are a café, hotel, grocery store, company that sells coffee over the internet or a business looking to use an unique branded product in your marketing campaign we will work with you to build the best private label program for you.

Steps for a successful private label coffee program:

Step 1: Selecting your coffees

What are your customers’ tastes and interests? Are they open to unique and new coffees or are they more traditional? Know your customers, or we can blend a taste that we know has proven to be succesful


Step 2: Design your label

While we do not have design services in house, Instanta works with highly experienced, local graphic designers. We will match you with a designer with guaranteed quality at competitive rates. When working with a provided designer we offer full support and consulting at no additional charge. We recommend a label that promotes your brand and the product with packaging that grabs your customers’ attention.


Step 3: Choosing a printer

As with every business, there is a huge range of quality and in price when it comes to selecting a printing company to print your labels. We would be happy to recommend a printing company to you that fits your budget and project. Costs for this in Vietnam are very affordable. We will take care of this and get the best prices available……..our finished coffee product prices includes all of this as well. All inclusive price


Step 4: Choosing your packaging

We offer you an assortment of valve bags that are available for 8, 12, and 16 oz. sizes and in an assortment of colors. Also available are sample size silver foil pillow packs that are perfect for offering your customers a taste of your product or a token of your brand that they can take home to enjoy.


Step 5: Selling your coffee

We are here to help make your private label coffee program a success. If you need assistance with coffee descriptions, pricing, coffee knowledge, cross merchandising ideas or general marketing ideas let us know.

To learn more about Instanta private label coffee program, please call Dave on 021 716 729