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Trung Nguyen Creative 1 (250g)


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It is difficult to describe this coffee to coffee drinkers who have never had access to a gourmet Robusta and have only drank standard Arabica based coffee. “Our most popular choice

Because of the prolific growth of Robusta, this coffee is available in a price range well below its worth in quality.

It makes an excellent, strong iced coffee.

The Culi Robusta is a high-caffeine coffee, with about 40% more caffeine than most Arabicas. It’s hard to brew this coffee too strong, as it has few faults. It performs well in most drip machines at one level tablespoon, or more to taste, per cup. It can be doubled up in a Phin or French Press for an espresso intensity.

It also is a great mixer for improving the flavor of the more expensive Arabica coffee. Blend your own Arabica/Robusta mix and you will join the millions who are very happy campers.

Robusta is a superior coffee for those who like to drink their coffee with cream and sugar, as lab tests have proven that Robusta flavors are not masked by cream and sugar, unlike many Arabicas.