San Francisco Bay Coffee One Cup for Keurig K-Cup Brewers, Fog Chaser, 36-Count

  1. Rhody Shopper 16/10/2012 at 12:50 pm - Reply

    Great tasting coffee As many other reviews have mentioned, these are not the normal K-Cups, but they work much the same. I generally drink the stronger K-cups (Emeril’s, Jet Fuel, Kona, etc), and I find that these Fog Chaser pods compare very favorably. There is no bitter aftertaste, just smooth flavor. I have not had any sediment at the bottom of my cup (I’ve had sediment from other K-Cups). I think people are a bit thrown by the smell of the coffee bag when they get it, as it is a much stronger smell than you’ll get from a box of K-Cups. It does smell like when you open a fresh bag/can of ground coffee, which is sort of refreshing after using K-Cups for 3 years. We’ve just finished the first bag of 12 (6 days), which we kept in a ziplock bag, and the last cup tasted as good as the first. I already placed a subscribe and save order for the French Roast to try out. I will be keeping my subscription for the Fog Chaser, as it is quite good.

  2. Audry A. Patterson 16/10/2012 at 1:13 pm - Reply

    I love Fog Chaser Fog Chaser is my favorite coffee and I buy it in whole beans for when I brew a full pot. I have used it for years and would not think of changing. When I saw Amazon had Fog Chaser for the Keurig I was thrilled. The flavor is full bodied and rich with a very smooth finish.Because I was familiar with Fog Chaser, I never even looked at the reviews before I made my purchase. Therefore, I was rather surprised when I opened the box and saw the different type of pod. With a filter bottom the pod seems much more environmentally friendly. There was no residue at the bottom of my mug so the filter did a good job. I agree with other reviewers of the need to keep these pods in a vacuum sealed container (or zip lock bag) but I think the use of less platics is a good thing.I have a B60 and these fit perfectly in the machine. I used the large cup setting and the strength of the coffee was perfect for my taste (I prefer stronger coffee). Before purchasing Fog Chaser I was buying Jet Fuel.

  3. Jeffery K. Hilburger "Keurig Jockey" 16/10/2012 at 1:18 pm - Reply

    Great morning wakeup cup of coffee These Keurig compatible onecups are a cross breed design resembling a Kcup top with a pod body.They come 12 servings sealed in a vacuum bag with freshness seal. This is then placed in a attractive retail type boxthat would look right at home on the shelf next to kcups at your favorite retail store.The front of the Box has a drawing of a kcup machine and a blow up of the 1 cup inserted in it.It also lists a few of the compatible keurig type brewers it will work in.The top and back of the box has some photos of environmental projects that the Rogers Family has been involved side has a photo of the rodgers family and their mission statement. The other side has a description of the coffee contained in the box.I can see how these should sell well in the retail setting and also appeal to environment conscious individual and those who are just curious about a new alternative to the standard kcup.I have a Box of Fog Chaser described on the box as a blend with the body of our regular roast and the smokiness of our French roast. A heavy full bodied with hints of cedar,vanilla and toasted almondsbalanced with a delicate finish with honey and milk chocolate flavors. Sure sounds appealing to me.When I cut the seal on bag I’m hit with a very strong dark roast scent right away and something poignant but can’t place the smell. Maybe it’s the ceder they describe on the box and I’m intrigued to brew and try it.Fits in my B70 perfectly and I use the 7.25 oz drop as I normally do. Smells good during brewing just like the extra bold dark roast Kcups I normally drink.Brewed perfectly with no issues. Smells and tastes great in the Cup. Strong full bodied french roast with a smooth finish and I like it as does the wife.I’m not one to name flavors and stuff like that so you will have to try it yourself for a more specific taste profile. Suffice it to say I give Fog Chaser a Big thumbs.

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