Trung Nguyen House Blend

Like its sister product (Gourmet Blend),House Blend is a blend of all four bean varieties, and comes in two 250-gram foil vent bags within the stylish outer box.

It is a careful blend of 4 varieties (Arabica, Robusta, Chari (aka Excelsa), and Catimor) grown under Trung Nguyen direction in ideal environments across the BMT highlands, this blend is incredibly fragrant and it fills the room with scents of spice, chocolates and fruit.

With a subtly different taste balance more heaviliy weighted to Robusta, many clients prefer the vigourous fresh taste of House Blend to Gourmet Blend and it is a coffee that brews well with all the usual techniques.

Trung Nguyen’s famous House Blend of all four bean varieties. This is the traditional House Blend coffee served at over 1000 Trung Nguyen coffeehouses throughout Southeast Asia.

And Gourmet blends 4 varieties blend (Arabica, Robusta, Chari (aka Excelsa), and Catimor) from Buon Me Thuot Highlands.

Fragrant with spice, chocolates and fruit. best brewed at 1 tablespoon per cup to preserve its fine balance.

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