If you are looking to buy Vietnamese Coffee in Auckland, we have Vietnam’s most popular coffee brands like Trung Nguyen and Highlands.

Both brands offer the best of what Vietnam has to offer when it comes to true Vietnamese coffee.


Highland Vietnamese Coffee

Trun Nguyen Coffee

Trung Nguyen Vietnamese Coffee

Trung Nguyen has a range of coffee’s to suit most tastes, including their G7 Instant Coffee, Creative range of ground Coffee, 3 in 1 coffee and also their famous coffee beans.

Coffee — along with baguettes and crème caramel — is a culinary holdover of French colonial rule (French-administered Indochina was established in 1887 and dissolved in 1954), when coffee plants were introduced to Vietnam’s central highlands by French missionaries. Production dropped off during the Vietnam War but resumed in the 1980s; today Vietnam, which grows primarily robusta but also arabica and small amounts of lesser-known varieties, is one of the world’s largest producers.

Vietnamese Coffee Auckland – Trung Nguyen

Usually brewed into a glass at the table using excruciatingly slow single-cup drip filters called ca phe phin, Vietnamese coffee is mixed with sugar and sweetened condensed milk and poured over ice; the resulting concoction is called ca phe sua da (if you prefer yours hot, ask for ca phe sua nong; in Vietnam even black coffee is usually drunk with sugar).

It’s a burly but smooth brew with a hint of chocolate, a flavor that comes from roasting beans with “butter oil” (clarified butter, margarine or vegetable oil) and sometimes sugar, as well as with other ingredients whose identities are closely guarded by roasters (fish sauce is rumored to be one).

Vietnamese Coffee Auckland – Trung Nguyen style coffee is an excellent sweet chocolate taste especially if you make it in a filter with condensed milk

Vietnamese Coffee Auckland – Trung Nguyen